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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


A couple hours back I was exhausted to the point that I actually fell asleep while riding my bike earlier on with my bro.

..and now I'm just awake. Well okay 75% awake.

Was thinking of whether to catch up on 2 Broke Girls or to start watching the new show that I downloaded, when my playlist titled "Anime" started playing on my iTunes. Now I really have this urge to rewatch Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny again. But that'll mean I would've watched both about 5 times or so? I SOUND LIKE AN ADDICT.

It's amazing how this anime goes all the way back to when I was still primary 5 in Aitong School and it played on.. what was the channel? really late in the night. Cel and I went crazy over it, like we could discuss it all day long in school the next day. I think she still has the box sets from Poh Kim!

I really regret not buying them in the past even though I bought the ones produced for Shaman King.. but oh well, there's always the Internet!

And oh, I really did fall asleep for a short moment while riding my bike.

Closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I found myself riding on the bumpy grass in Bishan Park, which was what woke me up.

Makes me quite sad that I get tired by 10-11pm nowadays, it's like I won't be able to jog/workout/go midnight cycling around the Upper Thomson area, all of which I love doing after 11pm cuz it's really quiet and the roads are empty. :( sigh.

Was supposed to go to USS with Chan, Chan's brother and Daryl + his bboy crew tomorrow but it turns out most of us backed out, which I feel really bad about.

Isn't it amazing how small the world is?

Turns out Daryl knows my brother AND Chan's brother, and they actually sesh bboy together. Like they're kinda in the same crew and all?

Chan and I always thought that our brothers didn't know each other cuz, well, what are the chances? The SG dance scene may be really small but it's not like everyone will know everyone.

Met Daryl at the SDZ bboy auditions and he was like, "Are you Gwen? I'm Daryl, Chan Huei's friend." Small world small world SMALL WORLD.

I really hope I made it through the auditions for bboy.

I've never felt so nervous about something dance-related in the past 2 years and to suddenly feel that adrenaline rush.. that feeling where you want something so bad that you tremble just trying out for it. Wow. Sam came to me and was like "DUDE CALM DOWN MAN WERE YOU THIS NERVOUS WHEN YOU AUDITIONED FOR HIP HOP IN YEAR 1?!" and I was like, "Er, duh Sam! I want this so bad."

Then again, I figured if I didn't get it, it might be a good thing due to my knee. My physiotherapy session today was quite a waste of time but it's good to hear that my stability's getting better. Kneecaps still wobbly though, and my physiotherapist scowled at me in this damn-gurl-you-ain't-meant-to-dance when he heard I would prolly be doing a lot of dancing if I get into bboy.

Makes me wonder where all that spunk, drive and passion for dance went.

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