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Friday, May 03, 2013

After Effects of After Effect

This is my I'm-so-bored-in-class-I'm-Photoboothing-even-though-I-sit-right-infront-of-my-lecturer face.

From this photo I can derive at a few things:

  1. My hair hasn't grown much ugh it looks so short here :(
  2. I'm bored to the point I'm blogging again.
  3. The 3 hours of sleep's not doing any good for my face. Infact I haven't been resting much at all.
  4. My skin's getting better after months of breakouts, so.. yay!

If I had Visual Design every school day I'd get my blogging bug back. I'm so bored cuz I have no classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. When I tell my juniors that they all go on about how their Year 2 timetable's basically shit and all I do is sit there, trying to empathize.

Oh well, been there done that. I had 8am classes every day in year 2.

As for today, I blame the fact my lecturer's After Effects files can't be opened on my MacBook.

It's like, information overload much. I see why Ashwind told me it was okay that I overslept for yesterday's class (which was also another After Effects tutorial by the same 'guest' lecturer) cuz he was talking about how dry the lesson was and how everyone just gave up halfway. Everyone's just tweeting about how bored they are.

I'm not even halfway done sigh cuz I had to meddle with all the files that didn't work on AE for me so thank goodness this isn't some examinable subject and that I don't find it a must to use After Effects for my group's CA1 video podcast.

We're so bored that Amanda, Syark and I are tweeting about how Syark farted in class. Real classy guys, real classy guys. :)

Plus it doesn't help that it's so cold in class, my knees are aching real bad.

Mom told me she pities whoever marries me in future cuz we'd be spending a lot on medical bills. Dancers and our dancers' bodies sigh.

I've not had the chance to rest my knees recently due to trainings for our SDZ AGM and all, and right now it hurts to walk and cross my legs again, so I presume I'm back to square one. Physio has been good but I need to find time to go for treatments too so that it'll heal faster. Don't want this to drag till Waves trainings especially since I hope to finally choreograph an item this year.

Okay yay we're finally doing something new and interesting! Bye guys!

p.s. I'm panicking over something and I don't even know why.

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