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Wednesday, May 08, 2013



I. MADE. IT!!!!

*does a little happy dance in room*

Well I did mention on Sunday that I would come here to brag if the results were satisfactory.

So hello Recognize Studios Recital Vol. 2, girls' hip hop item!

When I got G48 as my audition number I had a hunch that I would make it somehow, or that my day would go well. It's stupid, I know, but there's just something special about seeing my favourite number during important moments. I guess I really love/am fated with the number 48?

I mean, look at what number I got for last year's Waves auditions!

It's fate I tell ye!

On Monday I was helping out with the hip hop auditions (300+ people signed up wow I can't even find the word to describe how exhausted we were) and Geisel suddenly came to me in the middle of it to share the good news cuz she got in for the reggae item.

We were just standing there infront of all the people auditioning, squealing (in our usual oh-we're-in-our-own-world fashion) and hugging.

On the downside, aku was down with fever from Monday night.

Haven't felt so shitty in a while, but I guess I deserve it. With all the late nights and stress, t's no wonder I gained 2kg since school reopened. My body definitely reacts to bad treatment 'well'.

Guess Monday was the trigger point. 

Here's how my crazy day went (if y'all even bother):

Went to school on 3hrs of sleep. After class, The Legency had FYP discussion from 11-1pm before consultation with Ms Laura. Had lunch and caught Shinhwa's SNL Korea skits with Steffi (hehehe) before sleeping for like, 10mins in The Agency. THEN I had SPACE Media CA1 discussions with my group from 3-5 before heading off to meet some of my batchmates to learn the choreo from AnAn for the hip hop auditions till 6.30pm.

After that the first batch of auditionees came in and we taught, and taught, and taught, and taught..

And danced, and danced, and danced, and danced...... till the last batch which came in at about 9pm?

As if that wasn't a hectic enough day, my batch then had AGM training till 11pm WITHOUT STOPPING. We were all dying (especially those who helped with ze auditions), starving and whatnot. 

The moment I got off 74 and trudged back home.. I totally felt like I was gonna collapse. Then I found out I had fever so yay me!

I really do deserve a slap cuz I even went to school today for performance rehearsals.


Oh well, after AGM on the 15th I solemnly swear to get some rest.. or not. That's when FYP will be crazy for me so yeah here we go again.

Gotta be up in 4 hours to go for another round of rehearsals before our performance for DMC Connect 2013, so g'night folks!

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