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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Very Best

So I just saw these photos on Facebook from Edward's album.

"The very last sailing inter-school for MF"

Looking at the photos of the juniors placing their medals on Jhing.. heh I don't even know how to describe how I feel right now.

I really miss her. She was honestly the best coach ever out of the 2-3 coaches my batch had. Can't believe she still contacts my batch to go down and help officiate the regattas (and we get paid, yay).

SIN442 guys! Old sail, old sail hehe

Gotta love this photo of Jack and Justin helping pull a boat back to the wash point. I miss the sails I used for interschools!

Did a photoshoot with my practicum groupmates today for the visuals of our video podcast CA1.

Once again, surviving a long day on 3 hours of sleep!

(The fact that I came to school with my dress on backwards prolly proves that I lack sleep. But whatever biatchez I am cool like that hurhur.)

Dad sent me to school today though. His first day back in Singapore and he's already back to his old routine of sending my brother and I to school. Really glad that he's back for the week!

P A L E T T E  P R O D U C T I O N S 2013

Hamka: "Do you know why people urinate in private?"
Arynah and I: "No, why?"
Hamka: "Cuz urin-secure, don't know what for!"

I can gladly announce that I have found someone as lame as I am.

C'mon people, match my sense of humour HAHAHA.

And now I'm actually contemplating going for the blood donation that the SP Red Cross has on today. 

I'm absolutely terrified of/abhor needles though so I'll just sit here and freeze to death instead while waiting for my classmates to be done with their individual group discussions. Then I won't have to put myself through the horror of thinking about the whole thing (I'm such a weakling ugh).

Yeap.. that sounds like a good idea.

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