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Friday, May 17, 2013

I am Happy(er)

When life gives you lemons and unnecessary stress, dance it out.

When dancing gives you lemons and unnecessary stress, join an outside studio recital for the first time and feel free for once while dancing.

I missed the joy and freedom I used to feel while dancing, and how I used to laugh off my mistakes instead of stressing over them.

But I felt and did the opposite today.

Looking forward to every week's Recognize Studios Recital (girls' hip hop) training. 9.30pm-11.30pm may be late but what is sleep when I get to truly enjoy what I love doing again?

Finding someone who genuinely cares about and wants to improve your welfare as a dancer makes a lot of difference, so thank you Chun. My legs still burn from all that stretching but hey I now realize I can actually split with my right leg infront too! 

I CAN SPLIT BOTH WAYS NOW MUAHAHAHA CAN YOU FEEL MY EXCITEMENT I AM TYPING IN CAPS. Must've been from all the stretching AnAn used to do with us. Wait till I train my center split... I will brag like crazy then.

Training for standing splits too but okay, one side at a time Gwen.

I might have a sprained shoulder + burning knees right now from today's waacking session, but it was worth it. Thinking this way – how the pain's actually worth it – was actually how I was like when I was so 'on' about dance. I could have a sprained ankle, almost-faint and yet still find the willpower to carry on.

Please save September 13th and come watch R! Recital Vol. 2.

Things/people that make me happy: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, macarons, dance, sleep, games, family, friends.. and now my fellow girls' hip hop item people 

That is all.

p.s. Whoever has been on my ask.fm, giving me advice about my knee and telling me you know how it's like dancing with a bad knee, I may not know you, but thank you :)

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