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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ugly Commuters

I have no idea how I should go about saying this, but..

*deep breath*

I find Singaporean commuters really, really horrible.

(And really, REALLY ugly.)

If you haven't scrolled down yet to see how massively long this post is, be warned, be very afraid, because this my friends, is a wordy, ranting post.

I noticed this way back, but it's only after I started wearing my knee brace that I saw how truly uggggghley they are.

It's like, sure, I may not be in a cast or walking around with the aid of crutches, but I wear this knee brace for a reason. It would be nice if those people sitting there pretending to 1) be asleep or 2) be busy reading and fumbling around for things would kindly let me sit down because standing the whole train ride sometimes makes my knees hurt and burn.

I'm not joking. They burn.

Guilty yet? No? Okay join the other hundreds of people I've met who have graciously pretended that my knee brace was invisible.

Y'know, the ironic thing is that the only person thus far to actually have a heart and a sense of awareness to those around him/her was prolly not a local (she was..... probably from China).

She actually looked guiltily at me as I stood there with my mom in the cabin and kindly asked, "Your leg.. do you need to sit? Really? No?"

So for those who have been thinking oh how awful these Chinamen are or oh they are just the worst! What scum and stuff really need to reflect. Are they really the ugly ones here in Singapore?

The worst experience I've had so far was, ironically, on a bus. (Did I mention it was on my 20th birthday?)

I say 'ironically' because of the fact that when I take this bus at this particular hour, it's usually empty. Which is why I take it in the first place so that I can actually avoid standing on the train with the Ugly Commuters.

So okay, I was standing there. No big deal, my knees are fine, totally holding their own and being strong, screaming "YES GWEN, YOU CAN DO IT YOU GO GURL GO GO GO YOU ARE STRONGGGGGG!"

Then slowly, I felt them ache. Their words droning on in my head like a cheerleading squad losing their mojo and their spunk.

So okay, I turn around, and someone gets up, obviously about to alight.


Just as I was about to go sit down, this dude around my age standing beside me (infront of the seat) QUICKLY RUSHES TO IT like some aunty rushing into a mall having 90% off, MALL-WIDE.

Then he happily puts his bag on his lap and sinks into the seat as a way of saying, "Ah yes this is the trophy I rightfully deserve for running 20cm to it."

I just stood there thinking, er, okay???? Like dude, I'll find another seat since my journey to SP is almost 45 minutes long.

A few stops later, this other person sitting at the back of the bus gets off and I'm like, YES! A SEAT! and as I made my way to the back (I was standing at the back door of the bus), this other HUNKY, MUSCULAR GUY/MAN/DUDE (highly emphasized because I want you to hear me screaming at the other end of the computer screen) – again, around my age – RUSHES PAST ME like another aunty who spotted that there was a sale going on at the opposite end of the road, and he rushes to the seat and sits down.

He then repeats what Guy #1 did, as if to tell me HAH YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE. SUCK IT.

At this point of time I was already getting grumpy because my knees were feeling the strain.

Then I finally got a seat.

Well done, Gwen. Give yourself a pat on the back. You totally deserve it.

Like, it totally infuriates me!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello? Can y'all stop pretending that my knee brace is invisible and actually be kind enough like the lady who offered me her seat?

I feel totally ashamed that Singapore has bred such ill-mannered kids who refuse to put others before themselves. If I saw someone in a knee brace I, too, would stand up to offer my seat.

I don't get it. The two who 'fought' for the seats with me were both healthy males. I understand the whole it's-a-long-ride-I-need-to-sit thing going on with all Singaporean commuters but honestly would it kill you to not fight with a girl?

They were both from the same university too so in my head I was like, okay well done way to go woohoo! in this 100%, totally sarcastic way.

Not that I'm trying to make it seem like I'm a female who feels that males should be submissives and bow down to females. I honestly feel that gender stereotypes shouldn't be strong because well, why label a girl a tomboy just cuz she loves blue and hates pink? Who says a girl MUST like pink and girly stuff?

(This comes from experience as a girl who loved blue as a kid but I've now succumbed and fell in love with all variating shades of red which includes pink)

Ugh okay enough of ranting Gwen.

This initially started off as a post about how I spent my 20th birthday which was on the 8th of April, but look where I totally digressed to hur hur.

Time to write another (happy) post about my 20th birthday.

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