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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

T-Shirt Designs..

I've been so tired recently thanks to dance and whatnot.

I've spent the last week dancing and I'm not kidding. Almost every day's spent dancing. Inez and I went for Allegra's open class today and it was fun! I love the way she teaches. I laughed throughout the lesson heeehee.

And oh, we're both doing some shoot for some Singtel thing this Thursday at *SCAPE! We were practising after Allegra's class today and this dude approached us. We thought he was gonna ask us to lend him the plug to charge his MacBook but turns out he was looking for people for the shoot. I think it has some hip hop theme to it cuz he asked this other group of people practising too. He asked us to key in our name and contact numbers into his iPad too! MY FIRST TIME TYPING ON AN iPAD OH GAWD I'M SUCH A LOSER.

So okay, as y'all know, Perennial has gone through to the finals of teenSupreme!

Jolyn made this pact saying that if we got in, we'd print our own shirts to wear at the finals. I've come up with a few designs so far.....

The ones at the bottom two were what I did for fun but yeah this is what I've come up with so far! Which one's better? The purple or the solar system one? :)

Anyway I know I've been talking about dance a lot recently but it's all I have been doing so I can't really blog about anything else, like going out etc. when I spend every day dancing/slacking around! And I'm usually exhausted when I come back from dance so yeah I usually spend my time watching videos/playing computer games when I'm home.

So yeah sorry about the lack of posts and photos. Will put in more effort into uploading photos!

Oh for anyone that has been wanting to learn miss A's "Breathe" dance, I found this video of miss A themselves teaching the dance! (Not mirrored)


Someone finally decides to reupload this old video of Min (miss A) and Hyo (SNSD) dancing together during their Little Winners period! (This isn't the full video though. The full video has the locking and tap dancing segment of theirs at the end)

I thought I'd never see this video again ever :'( Cuz the person who originally uploaded it removed it due to copyright infringements I think. This was the one video that REALLY inspired me to start popping + taking up proper dance lessons (rather than learn popping from YouTube videos all day long, which is what I've been doing since primary 3).

I can now die in pure bliss hahahaha okay kidding. Choi!

But yes my biggest inspirations in dance are BoA, Min and Hyo! Especially BoA. She has been my idol ever since I was primary 3 and I tried damn hard to learn her dances from her MVs.

God knows why I was so hardworking in the past now and the ultimate queen of slackers now.

And now my biggest INFLUENCES in dance are Kenny Wormald, Monica Parales, BoA (still), and Ian Eastwood. A bit of Gigi Torres..... but yeah mostly Monica Parales.

Okay I think my hair's slightly drier now. Shall scoot my numb butt off to sleep (gawd I actually typed "dance")! Goodnight!


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