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Sunday, December 12, 2010


The finals of teenSupreme are tomorrow guys! Do come down if you can to support Perennial, and if possible, do wear black if you're coming down!

Novena Square 2
2pm-5pm (Competitors will be down there from 10.30am onwards)

So yeah! Perennial has put in a lot of effort choreographing and practising for the finals, and seeing friends and family supporting us would definitely be the best thing ever!

Chan and Suina are even coming up with a fanchant to teach our supporters tomorrow! Looks like Inez has her family coming down. Sigh, I wish my family would too but tomorrow's little Maegan's first month! Kinda bummed out that I'll be missing it. I've yet to see the cutie pie!

On the way home earlier, I was reading through all my messages my friends sent me in reply to mine (about helping to vote for us on the teensmag page on Facebook) and I came across this reply from this person whom I thought was my friend.

I forgot she changed her number, and I had "-Friend- 1" and "-Friend- 2" in my list of contacts. So I thought it would be better/safer to text the one labeled "1".

Apparently it wasn't her, so I sent a reply apologising for the fact that I sent the message to the wrong number and that I thought it was a friend of mine.

I got a reply saying something like, "-long naggy message that I didn't bother to remember/note down here- This is a blackberry BUSINESS number..... THIS IS NOT A REPEAT NUMBER FOR YOU TO SEND RUBBISH MESSAGES TO, thank you very much. NOW GO AND SLEEP........"


It wasn't as if I sent my text message to the wrong number on purpose??

And after I replied (a rather sarcastic reply, might I add. But nothing mean at all I swear). Okay fine this was what I replied:

"Er okay??? I have no idea what kind of business you're running if you can reply people like that. And sadly, I am not a kid. But thank you very much for being concerned about my bedtime, very much appreciated."

I got this message back:

"I am in food export business n my business is doing well... Thank u.... I have never sent any WRONG smses out..... U r a teenager, I guess..... How I run my business is fine with me... Pls ensure u have correct number next time... Good nite...."

(The part about me being a teenager is because he thought I was a kid)


So the fact that you thought I was a kid who sent a text message to the wrong person gives you the right to be all rude? So what if you are an adult running your own business? Your personality's terribly unpleasant and rude. I highly doubt your business is good in the first place if this is how you chose to reply a person.

What if I happened to be a daughter of a customer of yours? A major customer maybe? Ah. That's where your ridiculous attitude would get you into trouble.

Or maybe it is good only because you choose to reply nicely to your customers who are obviously adults. Seriously, why do some adults think that just because we are kids they don't have the need to at least be courteous to us?

A simple, "Oh okay no worries about it. Next time please ensure that you've got the right number to message. Good night." would've sufficed but NOOOOO, you had to go about the mean way, even telling me "NOW GO TO SLEEP......."

If this is how adults treat "kids", I don't see why people are starting to notice how rude Singaporeans have become, huh?

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