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Wednesday, December 08, 2010



Inez the 'leadjah', a title she proudly mentions.


Belle's candy nails!

Hahaha this boy was very cute.

I think Justin Bieber's "Baby" was playing, and then this boy started doing his own lil' lyrical hip hop to the song. Lika "Aw~" only!

My prettylicious Raichu in her pretty polka-dotted shirt from H&M Shanghai came down to support us only to realise that we'll be going on later than expected. Which was sad cuz she had to leave within an hour.

Which also means she didn't watch us perform.

This is our manager!
Don't play play.

Ah Cheo~

Our original manager 'oppa' who gave up the position to be our videographer dongsaeng.

(Starts singing "Jai Ho")

Playing with Belle's Andriod phone.

Sigh my poor Nokia sitting on my lap can't compare, seriously.
I think I need a new (and better) phone.

Had a celebratory dinner @ Kenny Rogers, Novena!

The ambiance "Act一个nice而已lor".

Haha it's now a norm for us to use "act yi ge", thanks to Jolyn!

*ahem* Is the point I'm trying to make with this photo obvious enough?

Some way overdue photos!

I'm sorry if all I can blog about now is dance. I've been dancing everyday and I've not been going out etc. How to blog about anything other than dance you tell me?

Also, I've been a real lazy kid recently due to practice. Sigh at 11:45pm yesterday Inez and I were still on the train home!

I've been shamelessly shoving my links on Facebook Chat over the past few days. Sorry guys for the spam but I really need the votes for the popularity segment of this whole teenSupreme competition! Thanks to y'all who've voted for Perennial, we really appreciate it! Especially to those who helped me promote the link to like.

You guys are just aweeeeeeesome!

Once again, here's the link:

Please go 'like' the photo at the link guys! And thanks a bunch in advance. *inserts loads of hearts within this space* And also, to those who are coming down on the 12th to support Perennial, thank you! Y'all know how much I appreciate gestures like these. Especially to the BFFs and sailors/juniors who are coming down -- LOVE YOU GUYZ!!

So yeah, I've been pretty worn out thanks to dance. I think I've mentioned in my previous post before but it's the truth.

To be honest, I've given up quite a bit for dance. Something else happened this morning (thank God it's settled) and it really made me wonder if something like dance should really be ranked above all else. When I woke up to such a message I felt emotionally drained. I didn't want to get my butt off the sofa to prepare for dance. All I wanted to do was to stay home, cry and let it all out..

..which I obviously didn't.

When my aunt told me over our conversation on the phone that after my O's I could dance as much as I wanted to.... Well I never felt happier. I've always wondered what it would be like to spend every moment of my spare time dancing. But now that I've got what I've wanted.. it doesn't really seem to be worth it, does it?

I used to use Realityworks as a space to vent my thoughts. I mean, yeah it IS dumb because although this is my blog, it isn't private. In fact, nothing on the Web is ever private. (Hah, this goes out to all the kiddos out there who own their own blogs thinking, oh since this is my blog I can say watevurr I want!)

Like yo, just because it's your blog it doesn't mean you have the right to say what you want to.

I guess I've learnt that the hard way when I was still like 13-15? I would use this space as a space to vent my anger/frustrations/unhappiness.. and when people read what I had to say....... Hohoho merry Christmas to me.

Okay, sorry for digressing. But that's the truth. Mmm.

Is my passion really worth sacrificing everything else?

But then again, on the other hand, is it also that hard trying to understand why I'm so passionate about it?

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