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Monday, December 27, 2010



It's been a salmon-filled Christmas for me.

Over the past few days I kept having salmon sashimi and sushi at both Suki Sushi and Sakae Sushi. Heh heh my tummy's a happy, satisfied (not to mention huge) tummy.

Christmas in Singapore is so commercial. Celine told me, "Aiyah Christmas in Singapore is just something for the shops here to make use of it to earn more revenue." SO TRUE

But then again at least the adults could rest. Noticed that most parents brought their kids out to town to celebrate, which is nice. At least they made used Christmas to spend time with their children :)

As for me, I celebrated Christmas with the sailors and Perennial! It was an act一个 Christmas for us, and I loved every moment of it! Teehee. I've not had this much fun on Christmas for years, so this year marked the end to an amazing yet frustrating year. Thanks babes and dude (LOL Teng) for making this Christmas one of the best for me!

Okay enough talk, ON TO THE FOOOOOUTOUS.

Had sushi @ Suki Sushi with Bev and Alex for dinner, after our Seoul Garden lunch at City Hall:

And on Christmas Eve, I met up with the sailors (Belle, Quin and Teng) for a movie and lunch. Here are the photos from our very salmony lunch @ Sakae Sushi!

We had the buffet:

Teng and I both ordered salmon sashimi for our red plate item, and after eating half of the huge plate above he actually said he felt a bit 'jelat'.

But okay he had a few more plates of salmon sushi before we ordered the huge one above. Finally found someone to compete with me in terms of salmon-loving!

Quihheh explaining shutter and aperture.

Moar salmon!!

And I'm lovin' it~

Comparing Belle's (her sister's, to be exact) bag to the plates. Thing is, we didn't pile up the plates in this colour sequence on purpose! Hahaha.

Teng's 'Belle stop taking photos of me' look.


Queued with Kailing for a helluva long time, but it was worth it cuz Marche's awesome! Even though I only had rosti, I was happysatisfiedgurl93 after dinner.



Mmmmmm rosti topped with -- what else -- salmon!

This is honestly the face Hweekee has after eating a spoonful of the Bailey's desert at the desert bar! She wasn't faking it for this photo.

And we kept making fun of her for having that face hahaha too cute to not tease!

Leadjah Inez joining in the "^-^ I'm on Cloud 9!" face-making.

My apple pie paired with Kailing's chocolate mousse. BEST COMBINATION ON EARTH Y'ALL SHOULD TRY IT. Mouth-wateringggg!

After dinner we met Jolyn at Clarke Quay. Inez wanted to club but since Ashley and I were not of age we dropped the idea and decided to head to Inez's house for our sleepover + Christmas party!

Suina and Chan came late cuz they baked muffins for us, which they said failed.

Chanhuei even got burnt from the oven :(

Who cares if the muffins failed babes! You two are so sweet, thanks for trying.
*insert heart here*

Jolyn (Homoboy, according to Jolyn herself): "Walao your house got paper you write on tissue?"


Jolyn preggers with the present she brought for gift exchange.

Sui's holding Chan's present for gift exchange, which came to me!!

The customised Perennial hand towel I brought for gift exchange!

And needless to say, Suina got it!

PLEASE USE IT AH. It's okay to use your Show Luo towel less often!

Inez's present from Ashley!

Cool thing was that Ashley's present was from Inez!

Hweekee's present was from Jolyn.

Zumreed headphones! And in funky colours too. I VANT!

Ashley's sub-present for all of us. Chan and I both got yellow, which is Chan's favourite colour.

The Nike waterbottle from Chan!

I've been wanting this waterbottle since like a year back (which my parents failed to buy for me). Thank you baby!!!!!!!!

Suina wrote cards for each of us, and here's mine! Thank you so much babe (apart from the "awesome" gwen part. :( I am awesome without the apostrophe marks!)

A Perennial Christmas is an awesome Christmas.

Thanks you guys!

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