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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dream Shoes

I spent the last 2 days watching 2NE1 TV back to back and what can I say? After seeing these Jeremy Scott JS Wings 2.0 (top two photos) on Dara, they're now my dream pair of shoes!!

After I got the Reebok Monopoly series high-tops (SHINee wore them haha see how SHINee-crazy I was back then?) that I talked about like I think 2 years back?? I've yet to find another pair of shoes that I really like, except the Nike checkered high-tops but yeah nothing beats Jeremy Scott for Adidas! Even the clothes which I can't get enough of, so watching 2NE1 TV was like eye-candy for me but in terms of sneakers and clothes.

Am loving the Jeremy Scott JS Wings (the last photo. That's like ver 1.0) but of course JS Wings 2.0's so much nicer.

Anyone knows if any shops in Singapore sells these? And how much? Have yet to check out Limited Ed so I wouldn't know. I would totally save up for a pair, although I've just spotted "inspired" pairs online from this 2NE1-inspired online shop set up by people from Malaysia, which I'm very much tempted to buy for dance.

I mean, if it's cheap why not?? Better than my Monopoly pair which I wore like 3-4 times to dance and decided to stop wearing it cuz I spotted these little scratches on one side.

I'm still keeping an eye out for the blue + yellow Monopoly series one though! Ugh I can't believe a pair of sneakers has been on my mind for like 2 years now. Crazy.

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