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Monday, December 13, 2010

Gratitude expressed in words..

(Note to self: Add photos here when you're not too lazy to upload them, thanks)

I can't explain how relieved I feel now that the teenSupreme finals are over and done with. Practice has been extremely tiring and honestly after all this, dancing everyday with Perennial seems like a normal thing.

I've made so many friends over this period of time, and it's not only from the O School side, but from the teenSupreme opening item rehearsals etc. The only two rehearsals we had at CJ for the opening act has been nothing but fun! Thanks you guys for such a memorable experience!! MY FIRST EVER DANCE PERFORMANCE/COMPETITION YO! I went to rehearsals expecting myself to text Inez/Ashley/Chanhuei 24-7 because I would feel damn awkward and left out, but in the end I found myself doing the total opposite. Had too much fun practising the item choreographed by Evey that I didn't message them much. :P

Anyway, Aaron, Darren and Cheryl came down today! It felt so good to see them again, especially Aaron and DGohz. I've not seen them in forever, honestly. Thanks bros! We SO need a BFFs -Rainbow and Hearts- outing again soon. Vivocity's rooftop HTHT session again, anyone?

And oh, Alex hunnypoo, thanks for the encouraging text message! When I received your text I was actually waiting for my turn to get hair and makeup done and I was so nervous! I kept smiling at my phone after reading what you sent me. Thanks babe! :) You know I love you SOSOSOSO much and I'm so glad things between us are alright now!

Oh, Mom and Dad came down to watch us too! Mom was our hardcore manager-wannabe (haha sorry Momszie, position's taken by Suina!) and she even wore our custom-made Perennial crew shirt!

Thanks Mom. I know you'll never read this, but I hope you know I love you a lot and I've said this before, but I'll say it again -- I'm thankful to have you (of all the other mothers out there) as my mom.

I hope that from today's performance, and the amount of time and effort I've put in to practicing with Perennial, I've convinced my parents and allowed them to finally understand why I'm so passionate about dancing. Sounds cliche but it sucks to have your parents telling you that what you love doing can be nothing more than a hobby, right??

Even though Perennial didn't win (although we did win the Most Popular category of the competition), we're all thankful for this experience I hope!

Also, we're all much closer now and I'm definitely thankful that I've spent everyday dancing with them. Practice has never been more fun and I honestly hope we can take part in more competitions like this again.

And I also hope that Perennial remains tighttttttt. Love you guys.

After what happened in the past, I actually convinced myself that I should just better my own dancing skills and take part in competitions as a soloist rather than find a crew to dance with. So yeah maybe it's a blessing in disguise that I decided to take up Twinnie's suggestion to learn dance at O School cuz I met the most wonderful people there! (HAHAHA OF COURSE I STILL LOVE MY BFFs! Alexandra Chia Chih Wen take note!!)


Egad, mate! I think I should stop here before this blog post becomes too sappy and eww-ish hahaha.

Goodnight -- or in this case, morning -- y'all!

I can't wait for class tomorrow with Perennial! Let's continue to improve together as a crew. ;) Gambatte!

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