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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Okay so I just woke up from my nap thinking about how much I hate my hair.

Decided to cut it short. Not THAT short, but maybe one inch below my shoulder? And maybe I'd use the DIY dye to dye my hair brown again. Seriously, stop telling me over and over again how cui my hair is! I already KNOW that and it's like my fringe sucks now.

I much preferred my hair when I cut it myself. Damn.

Anywho on a random side note that's totally unrelated, I decided to dedicate some money of my next paycheck to a pair of dance jeans (hopefully Double-D!!), a new pair of kickz + gold/red shoetures!

If you don't know what shoetures are go Google it up because they're so prettyyyy. Only thing is that it costs USD$50. Not a lot but for those small thangs? Yes it's expensive.

Supra or Adidas JS Wings 2.0? I found a site other than TB selling it real cheeeeeapp?

Either that or anyone knows anywhere that sells cheap Supras?

p.s. Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

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