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Monday, December 13, 2010


Stupid video never fails to make me sob hard. Zack's last sentence, "Would you say, I became a Hero?" is like what causes me to literally bawl out loud (yes I'm hell emotional).

(I'm not sure if I've ever shared this video before though)

Haha was listening to my Final Fantasy + Kingdom Hearts iTunes playlist and "Why" by Ayaka started playing. That made me want to watch this scene again and so I did.

Thanks to this I've never once completed FFVII:Crisis Core (I'm close to the end) because I didn't want to complete everything only to see my Zack Fair die. He's my favourite Final Fantasy character everrrrr (used to be Cloud, until I played CC).

Oh I saw this comment:

Here take my sword.. my dreams.. my hopes.. oh yea don't forget to take my girl too.. Cloud you lucky f**ker

Hahaha funnyyyyyyyyy.

Cloud you're such a useless bum I swear.

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