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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Twitter Trends

Oh okay now that the Arsenal match just ended not too long ago, let's see what's on Twitter.......

Oh. Do you see what I see? 6th from the top. Don't bother about #happybirthdayyuri, just look at that pretty name.

Oh yes, now you DO see what I see. *raises eyebrows*

WELL DONE! Your second goal was brilliant! This is why you're my favourite in Arsenal heehee. Thank you for bringing Arsenal to the top! I can't believe how good a season this has been for Arsenal! We've had lesser injuries, lesser people being benched or whatnot. I'm so terribly proud of Arsenal! You guys are doing so well now!

Wenger's still the best manager everrrr, and in my eyes, Nasri's still the best player everrrr.

I miss his blonde highlights though!

But yes, the pride and joy of Arsenal ;)

On a side note, if you're reading this and you have a Facebook account, please click on this link:

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You know you want it (ah)
You know you wantcha (wantcha!)

Teehee okay I'm a tad bit nonsensical right now thanks to Arsenal's good match earlier on, like I'm drunk from the 2 goals scored by Nasri. MY BABY~

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