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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

On Film: Konica C35

Doubt anyone remembers my post last year about my new Konica C35.

Well technically it isn't new cuz it's a vintage camera from 1968?? Made in 1968 with 38mm f2.8 four-element Hexanon lens BUT YEAH since I bought it and got a roll of film for it I've never really brought it out to play.

It just sat there on my table and the only shots I took were in my house.. the poor thing.

A few weeks prior to the holidays I got around to finishing up the remaining shots. Though the subject of the photos were crap (not referring to Cel and Rae), the photographs turned out rather interesting.

Loved the light leaks. Was so happy (even though my heart sank when the lady told me my photographs + CD amounted to a grand total of $21.75) when I was going through the photographs to see that most of them have leaks, and it's not as if I did it on purpose!

Momszie who was beside me watching me the whole time could only say, "Why the quality like that? Why so blur? Why the photo turn out like that?????"

Oh Mom.. ;)

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