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Friday, June 17, 2011

Chan's 18th

Celebrated Channie's birthday on the 10th!

T'was a pretty awesome day. Glad she enjoyed it. First time I decorated a cake from The Icing Room! Weird thing is, the cake was kinda frozen hahaha. We had such a hard time cutting it. Had dinner at Sakae Sushi (salmon spammmm yum tum tum!) and then went drinking @ TGIFridays.

Well okay, now that I'm done posting up the photos I think I should go sleep now or something. Working tomorrow then I'm either going to support the SDZ seniors at NTU Funk Jam or I'm gonna be out with Cel and Rae.

Rae's having a stall at the *SCAPE flea tomorrow!

Oh okay anyone wants to session next Wednesday at *SCAPE? Geisel and I will be there fo sure ;)

Stoked to watch the seniors do their thing at the NTU Funk Jam tomorrow (if I can go down)!!

I have the urge to go drinking though. Even though one drink has like.. tons of calories. I need to get high, so much on my mind recently.

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