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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last day of SDZ Camp and Whatnots

I realised that I've yet to upload the photos of the last day of SDZ Camp 2011 which was at Sentosa. Really should've brought my DSLR for the other days of camp too. Regret not doing that.

We were there to play mass games and to just enjoy each other's company. The chillax time we had on Vivo's rooftop during dinner (we all 'tabaoed' food up to eat since there were over 15 of us eating dinner together) was pretty awesome too.. the mini-krump session by Carel and the different genres doing their own thing.. heh dance in general is awesome.

Kiatseng was desperately trying to avoid the camera..

..and he obviously failed. ;)

With our GL Belicia from modern ;)


We played Truth or Dare but we made everyone in Gutsy choose 'dare' instead of truth cuz it was more fun like that.

Thank goodness when it came to me my dare was just to go up to this guy GL (it was Mingyi I think?) and ask for a hug, and he gave me one which was pretty sweet! SDZ people are so 'on' I swear. Poyang had the worst dare -- "Go up to Inez and kiss her on the cheek!!"

Going up to Dorothy and asking her, "Honey if you love me will you give me a smile?"


This was taken immediately after he kissed her. Nez's face turned a bright red after and the only thing she was saying was:


Shihui was supposed to jump in the middle of the other group (since they were playing some game of their own) and do this dance.

The funny thing was they all just looked up at her for a second and continued with their game. Hahaha poor girl!

Belicia's dare was to go up to Sam, take his hat off his head and wear it.


Ken's dare:
"Go up to Wilson and touch his face seductively using both your hands!!!!!"

Gutsy! Minus Harry and Alicia.

A "WAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZUP!!!?!?!?" photo while waiting for the monorail to Sentosa
Gutsy + Planet Boogie

(Oh I realised that Gutsy won 2nd for overall and Boogie won 1st. So this was like a 1st and 2nd placing photograph taken even before we got the results.. I guess.)

Chillaxing and practicing front + back flips and handstands on the beach.

See, dancers make the most out of everything. Go to Sentosa also must take the chance to practice bboy since it's better to practice those stuff there cuz of the soft(er) sand.

Okay bottom few photos taken by everyone but me haha!

Choonlong, Fiq and is that Zhenwei?????
I can't tell cuz he's a bit blur but yes that should be Zhenwei.

Back to the photos taken by me haha!

(I think Ben was trying to get everyone's attention cuz we were deciding on a dinner plan but he looked like he was doing the starting of the GP's item haha!)

It was as if we booked it hahah because when we boarded from Harbourfront MRT station it was completely empty and no one else boarded it so we just made ourselves at home.

The power of SDZ ;)

I really miss camp now! Really thankful for this experience though; it brought us all so much closer. I'm talking to the hip hop juniors that I see so often at training but wouldn't talk to just cuz we're all not that close.

And thanks to camp, the juniors from the 3 genres in SDZ -- modern, hip hop and bboy -- are close too! Before that we never saw the year 1 bboys nor did we see the year 1 moderners except those who were cross-genre (meaning they are in both bboy and hip hop/modern and hip hop). The seniors are closer to the juniors too I guess? So yeah all in all it was a pretty awesome camp.

Can't wait to be a GL next year when I have juniors! The year 1s were talking about it and we got all excited and giggly.

p.s. We've been Skyping almost every day since camp, I'm not even kidding.

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