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Monday, June 13, 2011

Someone Save me from Myself

Pretty stoked for SDZ camp tomorrow. One thing I really hate is the fact that it's not gonna be an overnight camp cuz SP banned overnight camps.

I hope it won't be awkward though cuz we'll be mixing with the moderners and the bboys. Which is pretty cool considering the fact that we've never met before. I guess that's why this is more of a bonding camp and not a training camp? I hope I get a few hip hoppers in the same group as me though, and I hope I get a bboy as my GL heehee it'll be so much fun seeing what they can do!

To digress a bit, I'm sick and tired of myself.

It's the same old problem, the same old story. I'm so tired of hearing it myself and I'm tired of telling it. People around me are getting rather tired of hearing it too so what's the point?

I have a feeling I made my mom's birthday one of the worst cuz of my random outburst after dinner on how I just wanted to induce myself to puke all my food out because I didn't wanna eat in the first place but the 'rents kinda made me. I was so mad that I had to eat after jogging, but it was my mom's birthday dinner so yeah. I don't think anything will make things better.

Can I just... just pass this phase ASAP?? It took me such a long time to get over it the last time and after that I was so comfortable in my own skin. I loved that feeling. You're just confident no matter what. I'm losing the battle with myself.

I feel so miserable I don't even.

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