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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feeling Dope

Okay no I'm just kidding about the title. But yeah I'm feeling pretty good with my new cap! It's New Era but fake New Era, sadly. Then again, who wants to get an authentic New Era cap all stinky and dirty cuz you wear it to dance too often? Not me fo sure.

Still saving to get an authentic one though, which would be awesome cuz I've been wanting one since forever!

My life of late has been revolving around dance, and I'm not exactly sure if that's a good thing or not. Being someone who hasn't been able to sort out her priorities since young... I'd guess that it's definitely not a good thing. I'm starting to feel so much for dance that studying has become my second priority. What with all the competitions I'm taking part in coming up, training and sessions have doubled. And this is just for the two competitions I'm in.. can you imagine my life during Waves training? Or if I'm currently in a relationship. I have no idea how I would be able to handle all that.

I need to start finding a balance between schoolwork and dance.

It sucks because I know I have to snap out of this, yet I don't really want to. Sometimes I wonder why I never went on ahead to pursue dance, even if it wasn't hip hop. Then again, it seems that some seniors know how I feel so yeah, if they were able to pull through this, I don't see why I myself can't.

And oh, something Muto found out today that made me really weirded out: I'm older than majority of the '93 seniors in SDZ. Hahaha prolly the 3rd oldest or the 4th. It's only weird because I respect these people as my seniors and to find out that I'm actually older than them in terms of birthdate.. IT'S JUST FUNNY HAHAH.

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