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Saturday, July 02, 2011


(Photos from my Konica C35 film camera. These were taken somewhere around the middle of last year when the girls spent every weekend at my place having a study-sleepover.)

Happy 18th birthday Celine Xie!

This silly girl turned 18 yesterday at 8.58pm and both she and Rach came over to have a sleepover even after I told them I would end dance practice pretty late.

True enough, I only reached home at about.. 5 minutes to 12am? And quickly surprised the birthday girl with a candle on this Hershey's Chocolate Cake muffin my mom baked for her. The whole house smelt of the muffins and it tasted like a piece of chocolate heaven.

Had a rather chocolatey brunch with the girls today before lazing around. Mom toasted the muffins for us, and we made blueberry-chocolate pancakes before Rach went to S-11 and bought us sambal chili chicken and ban mian because they craved the chicken and I craved the ban mian and we set the tabled -- spoon, fork, plate, placemat and all -- before sitting down and sharing the meal to So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 on telly in the background.

Dear tWitch (SYTYCD S4. Only back in S7 for the all-star challenge), I love you!!

Had Milo + coffee powder (best combination ever -- Thanks Rach!) after heehee I feel like such a pig. Did some online shopping thanks to the babe suggesting this GMarket shop to me. "The clothes there are all in your style, you'd love it for sure." and certainly enough, I did!

So I really should stop procrastinating.

Note to self: Sit your ass down and study till 8.10pm before you go for your nightly jog, thanks.

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