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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Big Groove 2011 PT2

Will post up the photos I took before the break later! Took too many photos during TBG 2011.. cuz I really doubt y'all will wanna scroll through all of them in one post. ;)

The Big Groove 2011 was an awesome experience. It's my virgin TBG show (since I missed last year's -- which had Quest Crew, by the way -- for an outing that was cancelled) and I really enjoyed it. Catching it with the SDZians made it even better.

During the break..

Rachel and Sherilynn

Pretty Elissa!

Jevin was yawning HAHA

With Allegra! Didn't know my hair was so messed up ugh.

Love this girl! One of my craziest and loveliest friend in SDZ.


Yong Da going into full cameraman mode HAHA

Counting down to the end of the break!

Presenting the Hero Award.

Donkey faise

And the Hero Award goes to..

..the organiser of Dance For Japan, Ms Stephanie Phua!

And now, back to the show ;)

Big Toe Crew

My favourite photo of the day!

Big Buddy Boi (from Japan)

O Crew (from Singapore)!

Ending the show with a curtain call..

Jasmine, Shiying and Sherilynn

With Zaahid!

This wasn't a candid shot even. An An just was waving frantically and when she saw my DSLR there she just froze in her pose heehee.

Cute or what?

With my umma Jasmineeee!

Hogging the escalator SDZ STYLE


Hahaha Bazinga and I.


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