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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

School's Out! + DMCConnect 2011

It's the second day of the school holidays, which is pretty awesome. School has been mad tiring so far and everyone was REALLY looking forward to the hols. Especially DMC students. Goodness, our projects were all due around the same time and I must say I'm not exactly used to poly life yet.

I've yet to blog about DMCConnect 2011. Since the event, I've been tied up with school work, CA projects, CCAs.. so I decided that I really should blog about it now since I'm free.

This year's DMCConnect had every class picking a movie to have like, a theme to, and my class picked the theme "Grease".


My dearest, pretty Becca checking herself out in the "mirror" before we settled down in the lecture theatre.

Thai food for lunch break that day!

This wasn't candid at all I swear.
Karen saw me and my DSLR and posed for this shot.

Just some of DMC/FT/1A/01 having lunch together.
I love my class so much it's hard to describe it in words. ;)

The few Staircase Hobos for the lecture-

Having Ms Trudy's lecture. MCA I presume?
(I'm always mixing up MCA and ICP, so yeah)

IMW mock-test after lecture! :(:(:(

Manda Panda <3

DMC/FT/1A/01 girls getting ready for DMCConnect in the toilet! ;)

And the guys were waiting outside for us at the staircase the whole time. Pretty sweet of them huh? I think the guys in 01 are the sweetest :)

Outfit photos! Shermin's outfit for the day ;)

Karen's outfit for the day

Liyi, Amanda and Filzah <3

Walking down the much talked-about "hill".

I swear, climbing up and down the hill everyday isn't our idea of fun, especially when you're carrying a MacBook Pro.
(Worse still, I'm carrying a MBP 15". Le sigh!)

So we headed down to the hall for the event only to find out that we were the earliest class. We were prolly 30mins too early??


Similar outfits for the day

Liyi's outfit!

And since we were too early, we decided to head to FC3 for a light meal......

..of cheese fries, milkshakes, fruit juice and salad!

Heehee jealous annot? My school has awesome food in every foodcourt. :)
Well, ALMOST every foodcourt. I've never been to FC1 and 2 so I can't judge.

First time we saw Arynah without her headgear.
Pretty or what!?

You can spot Alvin like right away cuz of his pink shirt ;)

The boys of DMC01!

"Oei I think we should take a cool photo la.."

(Trying very hard to act cool, but obviously failing very badly.)

This was candid! Damn cute right?????

Can you spot the mindfuck??
Psst.. it's all in Daniel's "hand" that's on Manda's shoulder!

Figured it out yet? ;)

Shermin's actually standing between them. HAHAHA.
We were mimicking this photo we saw on Manda's Tumblr of a black woman standing inbetween a lot of white girls during prom and no one could actually spot the black girl!

Not trying to be racist here really, but it was hell funny (and kinda freaky) when Manda pointed it out in class.

Lex baby!

Alvin and Angelina performing for us during the event.

Pink-wigged guy from Alex's class

More about the event here at Heard@DMC!

Went to find the wakeboarders after the event. Had to miss my very first training with them cuz of DMCConnect but I didn't mind! Had dinner at the usual prata place at Clementi.

Speaking of which, I really wonder how I'm gonna cope with two CCAs, especially with WAVES16 training coming up. I'll be dancing almost every day, but I don't want to quit SPWB. :(:(:(

Dilemas, dilemas, dilemas..

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