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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy birthdayssss

Heehee bought a wing ring from the *Scape weekend flea (after we celebrated Channie's birthday) to go with my favourite necklace.

Oh on a side-note, happy belated birthdays to Wee and Channie!

To my dearest Chan, I remember how awkward it was the first time I met you (and Suina) when we were waiting outside O School for our first Hip Hop 3 course to start. I didn't talk to you at all, only Inez and Kailing did cuz y'all were talking about some KPop concert and also cuz they sorta knew you through Jolyn?? Never expected that I'd be so close to you now!

You've always been there to listen to my rants, always making me feel less shitty.. you always try so hard to cheer me up everytime I'm down (which has been pretty often of late). I'm so terribly thankful that O School and dance as a whole has brought us together, as cliche as that sounds. You, Nez, Kailing, Jolyn, Muto, Tiffy, Lazzie, Daryl, Guohui.. all of y'all. Love how our passion for one thing has brought us all closer as friends. Dance makes me happy, and the people I dance with make me even happier :)


To Weetzeeee, it's funny how the guy I expected to talk to the least from CASS camp (cuz you annoyed me when you told me "Good morning!" only to tell me "Not you la!" when I turned back. I STILL REMEMBER YOU DOUCHE) is now one of my closest friends. Its only been what, 3 months since I knew you?? But we're already quite tight. I'm sorry I always do stupid things like ignore you. As in, when I REALLY ignore you. I know that must've hurt you quite a bit. Didn't do it on purpose, you know that right? I wouldn't wanna hurt you on purpose. :)

Thanks for wanting to fight for me. What you've done for me as a friend.. is something no one else has really done for me? Well with the exception of a few of my best friends. But yeah, your rants on Twitter, your anon questions on Tumblr.. I'll remember them no matter what.

I hope you know that if something ever happened to you, I'll fight for you too, regardless. Because you're a friend worth fighting for. Aw am I sweet or what hahaha.

Just know that if you're ever wondering, don't ever change your annoying self. Love you!

I would love to blog about their birthday celebrations now but my iPhoto's being a bitch. It keeps hanging whenever I try to import mah foutous. UGH.

And oh, happy 48th birthday Mom.

Whoops, did I just expose your birthday on my blog? ;)

Thanks for being my pillar, my super woman. Thanks for always being there for me no matter what, even though I'm such a stubborn person. Well okay fine we both are, that's why Dad says I get my stubbornness from you. I guess that isn't a bad thing. :) But yes, thank you.. for being my mother. I appreciate having you around even though we have our differences and we argue a lot from time to time. I know you mean well.

People say you should do things for yourself and not for others but.. You make me wanna pursue dance for you, just cuz of that one moment when you came down to support Perennial for teenSupreme and I saw for myself how proud you were of me when I came down the stage. I actually managed to catch a glimpse of your face.. and until now that's still the best I've ever felt since.. ever.

What I would like to tell you can't really be expressed in words. Just know that I love you Mom, I don't know what I'd do or who I'd be without you.

(But note that your daughter's already 18 so lax on the rules a bit, pleeeeeeease? :))

p.s. The photos are done uploading! But it's now 5.44am and someone has to get up at 7.30am to get ready for work so.. yes.

On another side note,
I've been listening to the songs by A Rocket to the Moon:

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