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Sunday, January 02, 2011


Camwhoring shots -- the result of bringing lappy to sess yesterday.

My poor aching shoulders had to carry my heavy Adidas bag to work. Inside was a laptop, a pair of speakers, waterbottle, sweatpants, dance shirt.... crazy. Mom said I looked like I was going on a camping trip hahaha!

On the way home after sess I couldn't close my bag and the girlies were like, "Gwen you damn poor thing WHY YOUR EVERYTHING CANNOT CLOSE HAHAHAHA! Wallet cannot close, bag cannot close, shoebag so hard to close wuahahahahhahahaa!"

Oh, I've learnt how to do a shoulder freeze! YAY ME HEEHEE. Hoi don't make fun of me, I've been wanting to do another freeze other than baby freeze okay.

Even then I realise I've been taught to do baby freeze on the wrong side. I've been doing it on my left side for years when I'm supposed to be doing it on my right, since I'm right-handed. Damn. Thanks a lot Lazarus for being so patient with your new 'student'! Hahaha. I'm now trying to get the hang of doing a 6-step then switching it to a baby freeze. He said I would be able to correct my baby freeze easier that way but doing that transition's hard :(

Need. More. Wrist. Strength!!

Slowly but surely. Yep. Slowly but surely I'm working my way up to a flare.

OH some Supras and Nikes recently caught my eye!

Hello, the Nikes were RED. I loveeee! Just that my next paycheck would prolly only be enough to cover my dance jeans.. can't even get those shoetures. So I guess my dance jeans and everything else would have to wait till my next paycheck.

Woke up today at about 2.45pm hahaha shiok maxxxx.

For once I don't have to set my alarm early for something like work or for dance sess.. or even for going out. Okay fine our sessions are hardly early in the afternoon, mostly late but you get what I mean.

I WANT SHOETURES. Mike Song thank you very much for making me green with envy. You have da skillz and you have da shoeturez.

I need to improve on my hold, control and strength. AND UP-BOUNCE YES MY UPBEAT'S SO WEAK. Cannot be lazy when it comes to fundamentals in dance.

My hair does not look red AT ALL.
Oh well but the lady said after a few washes so....... pray hard.

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