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Friday, January 21, 2011

Off-Day and Work Stuff

Finally had a day to myself! No work, no going out, no leaving the house for anything.

Relaxing? Yes. Kinda boring? Yes. Cuz there honestly isn't anything else to do on the internet. Facebook's getting boring and no one's Twittering much today. Hm..

Been sooooo busy with work recently it's ridiculous. Thank God my colleagues are a bunch of fun people so I enjoy working. Hate working on weekdays though cuz there's no crowd at all at the airport! Like act一个ghost town.

The random nonsense we did at work yesterday:

Emo Sing-A-Long doll!

We love playing with these dolls that sing when you press on their tummies. And it occured to us that among all the different dolls, the pink one has HAIR.

So we started styling them!


We arranged the dolls like that on purpose. Symmetrical much!

Kim getting us to calculate percentages for her. And since my "Maths fail one" I passed the task to Alex.

And today:

Was sucking on an apple while watching some dance videos on YouTube and this was the result haha!

Clearing the old pile of bags in my room..

The discard pile. Look at that huge Blossom (Powerpuff Girls) tote bag omg hahaha.

Euuuuuuurgh look at my awful complexion.

Lack of sleep + itchy fingers + dry face = horrid complexion with ginormous eyebags!

Bruise on my arm. I have absolutely no idea how that got there after bboying.. it just did.

Hahaha very act cute I know. Was playing around with the digital camera (my DSLR's with Elie :( ) and realised that on Auto mode, if you take a photo of a person it'll change to another mode (okay duh everyone knows that).

The point is that this mode makes me look damn white! And my hair colour looks nice here. ;)

Okay shall continue packing my room! Won't have time to do it any other day thanks to dancing after work and all that.

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