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Friday, January 07, 2011

"And I'm black y'all!"

An old video but entertaining nonetheless.

I listened to this on repeat today, no joke.

My back's hurting again. Not good. And it has been for the past.. I dunno say about 3-4 days?

Dad keeps blaming it on dance. Not like I'm gonna care, but this problem's costing my mom a lot of kachingggg. Been visiting the Chinese doctor at AMK marketplace more often than usual. During my last visit there the doctor said I had this joint/ligament #11 popping out?? The shit.

Sigh old problem from sailing.

Okay it's currently 6.18am. Gonna go out with cuzzie Mel tomorrow after her school ends so I better sleep now. Gotta think of where to go too - was thinking of Nex but it's all food I heard? And I've been feeling fat and bloated today since I've not really danced this whole week apart from Tuesday so yeah not in the right state to gobble up as much food as I deem fit.

Then Danzation with the girlies after! Ngee Ann Poly's NRA dance production hollerrrrrrrrr

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