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Monday, January 10, 2011


Can't believe I'll be getting my "O" Level results back tomorrow at 2pm!

Pray hard that I pass EMath. My ticket to Poly!! But seriously, times flies. It feels like I just took my last paper a week ago.

Anyways, photos from today (or in this case, yesterday's) sess. Used the Canon Ixus camera that Dad bought from Perennial hahahaha. Oh the irony. He buys it but I still get to use it! And I got $50 in the process.

Then again he said I have to ask for permission first before using it, because it's HIS camera. Boo.....

Suina brought the extra jelly that she made for her company dinner!

Had a mini-picnic the moment we reached *SCAPE.

And look what my love for dance has done to my arms!!!

I feel like a man now ugh. I think I'm more muscular than the average Singaporean dude???!

If you think it looks big from this photo.. well I think it looks bigger in real life. But I kinda like my right arm now because it's slightly more toned than my left (which is in this photo) so it looks kinda nice.

I know I aim to train until I get the arms of a typical hip hopper but this is ridiculous. I mean have you seen the arms of the female teachers in O School? They're muscular but nice. Time to cut down on the bboying practice during sessions I guess..


Trying to upload a video of Inez dancing to SHINee's "Replay" to Facebook but it's taking forever!

"2 hours, 25 minutes remaining"

Dude, it's been stuck there since an hour ago.

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