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Monday, January 03, 2011

Din-dins and supper @ Upp Thomson

I shall tell you me and Kailing's little January 1st story..

I brought my laptop + speakers to yesterday's sess, but my 3-way plug was really loose and no matter which outlet I plugged it into it would sag down. In other words, we had no power. Either we used my laptop, or we use the speakers. We couldn't use both.

Oh I found a photo from Suina's camera showing y'all why my plug couldn't work..

That's me adjusting the plug (Chan's bag is damn bright omgah). See how it's 'sagging' downwards'?


So Kailing and I went down to Cheers to check if they sold a better plug. Nope.

Went down to Cine cuz she suggested Sol Market might sell electrical appliances. Highly doubted it but we still went to check. Nope.

It was drizzling so we went to Fairprice Finest @ Tripleone (opposite *SCAPE). And common sense would tell you that NTUC sells all sorts of nonsense including electrical plugs right? WRONG. I was telling Kailing while crossing the road, "FML if NTUC doesn't sell it. Seriously, FML a million times." AND THEY DIDN'T.

When we left NTUC, the rain got heavier but it was still alright. The moment we crossed the zebra crossing from Botak Jones IT POURED. I took out my jacket (was still in my uniform from work so I had my jacket on) and used it to shelter both of us. But I still got drenched ugh.

Lucky for me I didn't change into my sweatpants, shirt and dance shoes cuz if I did I wouldn't be dancing when we got back to *SCAPE I'd be airing myself dry.

My poor Converse got soaked. :(

Speaking of which, this pair's terribly worn out. I've had this pair since I was.. primary 5? Can't believe a pair of Converse has lasted me so long. It's been 6years my dear purple pair of Converse!

And to think on Christmas Eve I bumped into a dude who was wearing the exact same pair, except his only had the red shoelaces. I have 2 on mine -- red and white -- because it was given.


Had dinner + supper with who else but two of my favourite girls earlier on (yes I know I have a lot of favourite girls/bros but I love them all so hi!) Rae and Cel at Upp Thomson.

We were supposed to meet at 8pm. Then Rae said 8.30pm. A while later she texted us saying she was stuck at a dinner so we'll meet at 9. At 9pm she said she was still there so she'll meet us at about 9.30pm.

In the end she met us only at about 10.30pm?? Hahaha.

Had prata at Prata House.

The standard of the food there now isn't as good as compared to when they first opened here about 10years or so back. Cel ordered tehbing but it tasted like CRAP.

I love prata but I've never been a fan of theirs since the beginning. But since Cel and I were both craving for prata..

1 egg + kosong (plain) for me
1 plain paper + cheese prata for her.

The place was crowded as usual.

When Rae came I wanted to order the sotong masala so badly!

Hm when I was a kid I HATED sotong. Whenever I ate horfun or anything with sotong I'd plaster on an absolutely disgusted face and dump all the sotong on my parents' plates.

But I love sotong now!

In the end Rae helped me to order it since I couldn't make up my mind. I mean, 3bucks for a small plate ain't worth it, but I was craving for sotong!! In the end the sotong tasted horrid. You know how sotong's supposed to be bouncy and all that?

Well this sotong was.. mushy. Ew right yes I know.

So in the end we didn't pay for it :) Heehee first time I did something like this. When we went to pay for the bill the uncle asked us what we ate since we had no bill, and we mentioned everything BUT the sotong masala. Whoops :P

Then we went for Rocher tauhuay, Upp Thomson style. Well that's cuz the one at Upp Thomson's a franchise.

Of course you can't compare the original to the Upp Thomson one! The original Rocher tauhuay was reeeeeeeeally good.

Grass jelly drink + cold tauhuay
It's the norm for me to order these two whenever I'm there.

Yum tum tum!

I can't believe I have to work at 6am tomorrow, starting the shift with my dad and Jackson. It's gonna be 2am yet I'm still awake oh damn. 2hrs of sleep here I come.

Okay I think I better go catch some Z's before I die at work tomorrow or something. I highly doubt I can survive on the 2hrs of sleep tomorrow cuz I'm heading to Rae's place after work to slack/exercise before heading to *SCAPE for a funk session with our 'shifu' Malcolm!

So yes before I die of exhaustion tomorrow at sess -- which I can't afford to -- see y'all!

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