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Friday, January 14, 2011


That was the first thing I did when I came back from dance.

Yeah I know that's the 2010 JAE booklet.. but close enough. I didn't get the 2011 JAE booklet.

Gonna submit everything only tomorrow morning over breakfast though.

Damn, I think I'm physically exhausted from working almost the whole week (either 9am-5pm or 11am-7pm shifts).

After lugging along my dance stuff to work for the past 3 or so days I finally put them to use because I finally met the girlies today for a quick sess. Felt like puking after doing a round of 6-step for some reason, but I danced a bit more and the feeling went away.

But when I was walking home from AMK MRT station I was literally trudging along. Terribly exhausted.

Too lazy to shower but of course I must. I'm the type that can't sleep unless I'm clean or something. And I'm currently the total opposite because while practising breakdancing earlier, the construction workers decided to, of all times, take out their brooms to sweep the dust + dirt off the floors and temporary carpeted walkways.

I swear, the cloud of dust that rose up stopped some from dancing. I did too haha.

Met Lazzie and his friend Darren today! He was walking past and said he recognised me from my blue sweatpants even though he was pretty far away hahahaha my signature thing maybe.

Darren's Lazzie's shifu, and Lazzie's my shifu. So Darren's now officially my "shifu x2" LOL self-proclaimed tu di-ness.

But okay at least I got a few pointers from both the Shifu and Shifu x2. T'was a fun day. Can't wait to session with them again cuz I wanna improve on my bboy so bad!

Which reminds me.. I might be going for O School's Bboy 1 course! Honestly I can't like, not-go because I really love bboying now for some reason. I'm gradually becoming more funk style rather than groovish.

Hope this won't make me lose my groove man ;)

Oh! Will be calling (and hopefully, meeting) my uncle's lecturer friend to talk about the course admission to SP.

I honestly can't wait for my Poly life to start. It's been a whole year.. when I saw my results I was so thankful. The hours (almost 8 or so per day, right?) I spent studying at the library and at home everyday paid off and for once people were telling me how PROUD they were of me.. something I've not heard in a while.

I can't believe I'm actually able to highlight the courses I wanna put down among my 12 choices. I honestly can't believe it.. surreal. I was kinda close to tears as I did that cuz for once I have TOO MANY choices to choose from that 12 is more than enough! I only wanna write down 4, but better to be safe than sorry no??

Terribly grateful for my friends and family that've helped me through this period man.. seriously. Without them I prolly wouldn't bother about studying hard. Saw some messages from my relatives to my mom. My grandaunt even said it was good news for the family. So yes, I'm very thankful for this tight family I've got here. Wouldn't want it any other way.

For those who didn't do well for O's (I totally don't mean this in a demoralising way).. I still love/like y'all and who cares about results man that's just a piece of paper. Can't help but think that some others think there's this barrier between us just because they didn't score as 'well' as me??

Like I said, I don't give a damn about how well/badly you do for examinations man cuz seriously man if that mattered so much why am I still your friend?

I'm far from being a snob please. Your personality is all that matters. I love y'all regardless.

On that note, I think I've blogged enough tonight! So see y'all real soon okay? I've gotta go shower and catch myself some Z's.

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