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Wednesday, June 05, 2013


The one bloody time I fall..

My iPhone screen cracks and my MacBook Pro dents damn badly.

What. The. Actual. FRACK.

I've dropped my phone so many times and not once did it crack. The one time slip and fall, THE IPHONE CRACKS AND THE MACBOOK DENTS AT ALL THE RIGHT PLACES. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

My knee hurts now and I scraped my palms slightly. But my heart hurts more from the "injuries" my babies suffered sigh. And just today on the way home after FYP meeting I was telling Steffi, "I don't think I'm gonna change my iPhone.. quite comfortable with my phone eh plus I love this cover which saved it a lot of times."

Save it a lot of times MY ASS. I think God heard me and is now telling me that it's time to change my phone. But there's nothing I can do about my MBP sigh best surprise to come home to well done Gwen.

Oh well, distraction from the rather obvious dent on my left time. Shall continue editing my online portfolio (lai lai see see at http://geewend.wix.com/geebee whee Wix.com I love you for being awesome and Steffi I wuv you a ton more for helping me out with it) and to continue editing ze FYP stop motion + documents sigh sigh sigh this is gonna be one hell of a week, what with site recce tomorrow (I hate hate HATE site recce) and filming on Saturday which I – sadly – cannot be a part of.

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