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Monday, June 10, 2013

Shoot Dem Zombies

Finally able to shoot some zombies.

Thank you Steam for making me seem like more of an idiot. Ben had a good time laughing at my stupidity, especially since he was the one who gifted L4D2 to me.

But hey B&, if you're the one who gifted it to me how come you didn't realise it was to my first Steam account? And I know you'll see this please haha hm (yeap got the last laugh since you ended up not being able to play — when YOU'RE the one who asked me to go kill zombies with you — cuz you didn't download the game.... good job Ben!)

Don't know what's wrong with me and why I'm feeling affected and bothered really (when honestly, I know that I normally shouldn't/wouldn't be).. then again, seeking solace in shooting some zombies doesn't sound like a bad idea either..

Aaaand just in time, Brian Ting invites me to play L4D2! Yay excited but he's playing it on Beta mode zzz Brian WHY.

Oh well should just continue my work.

Crazy week ahead.

To the DMC people heading to BKK today (will forever regret not signing up for the BKK study trip sigh), have fun and enjoy your trip! Can only imagine what traveling with a whole bunch of people from DMC would be like.. fun and nonsensical!

Weird but I feel like I miss my classmates (going for the trip) already! Have fun 01, catch y'all when y'all are back!


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