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Sunday, June 16, 2013

To the Moon and back

Good morning!

(Get ready for loads of selfies with twists in them.. think I'm too Asian for my own good)

Currently 3:40AM and I'm still up talking to Rei on the phone.

Cheer up my lub!

Sigh would really miss her when she leaves for Aussie again. Spent a good amount of time with her at AMK Hub after my job interview. Can't wait till I actually manage to save enough cash to fly there one day so that I could visit both her and Joey in Melbourne.

Then again I think my paycheck wouldn't be enough for everything.. I'm too greedy. Have yet to start work and my internship and already I'm thinking of what I could do with the money I save (that is if I manage to save much to begin with).

Sigh when I wink both my eyes disappear.

100% Chinese right here.

Meeting Rei tomorrow for Elie's birthday, before spending the rest of the day with Russell and then meeting my bestfriends who, like me, are all too busy.

Happy birthday in advance Elizabeth Konstantin Kwek!

You were one of my first few friends and clique-mates in MFSS, what with us both being from 1Endeavour and all. Even though we both grew up to like different things I'm glad we still easily find common ground and that we do lots of stupid stuff together. I hope I get to travel to Japan with you one day since it's both our dream destinations!

Thankful for the friends like you who stayed. :')

Happy 20th birthday my love!

And also, happy 20th Beanie!

Too many things go through my mind too often.

That isn't a good thing cuz right all I want to do is lead a drama-free life where I'm happy with all my friends and family, and that I just enjoy the days as they come and go.

I don't want to spend them thinking about dance, about projects (though I throughly enjoy doing work hehe), about what I shouldn't or should've done.. everything mentally unhealthy for a somewhat-happy person like me.

I haven't been the same Gwen everyone knew in Year 1, but I'm working towards getting back to my (genuinely) jovial self.

But yeah, I'm glad I get to spend the whole of tomorrow with people I love and enjoy being around.

People I'm extremely thankful for, as always.

And oh, I'm pretty sure you'll read this eventually (hehe stalker), but hi Russell.

(Inserts photo of us here, since we don't have one yet)

Would've dedicated a whole post just for you, but I'd feel shy doing that and I'm pretty sure I would have plenty of chances to in future.. so hi for now!

You were one of my closest childhood friends, then we lost contact for 10 years and on the 15th of June.. here we are.

Who would've expected?

I love you to the moon and back (you'll hear this a lot from me soon enough.. it's a phrase I use often on select people heh).

Thank you for everything, for accepting my flaws as they are and allowing me to see that sometimes the parts of me that I hate and think are extremely ugly could actually be lovable to someone.

I know I've said this to you before, but I really treasure our weekends together because that's all the time we get to spend with each other every week. I can't find any reason to take you for granted, nor do I find the need to get mad at you because every hour counts. What for spend it bickering on small and stupid things? (Honestly hoping this will never change.) Even before we got together, I was already ambiguously tweeting about how I looked forward to Fridays because I get to see you. You mean so much to me, and it feels pretty weird to know that someone thinks the same of me.. I never thought that I could actually mean anything to anyone really.

So a huge thank you for finding me and wishing me happy birthday after 10 years :)

I'll give myself a pat on the back for replying you even though it was a month later. Hee.

And oh, thank you for making me smile all the time and never getting tired of my smile. You have no idea how I feel inside whenever you tell me how much you love seeing me smile. I always feel like I wanna cry, but I tell myself not to be such a crybaby HAHA.

So yeap, here I am looking forward to the days I get to spend with you regardless of whether it's on Whatsapp while you're in camp, or in person when you've booked out.

All this seems pretty scary to me because I can't help but think along the lines of 'all good things come to an end'. It's scary to think how I might lose you one day.. but then I will never let you go.

I hope I do this right and never hurt you, be it accidentally or intentionally. I understand fully how capable I am of hurting someone, and I wouldn't want to hurt you.. ever.

Once again, love you to the moon and back Yiting.

Or maybe I should say "I love you to the stars and back" because I love stars a lot more than I do the moon. :)


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