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Sunday, June 09, 2013

My Day(s) in Pictures

Good evening everyone!

It's finally the hols!

Hurrah for no(t as many) early mornings!

Was looking through my phone and found a few photos that I wanted to transfer but never did until recently so yeap here they are.

This is The Legency playing Fun Run after one of our FYP meetings.

Everytime we have nothing to do/wanna take a break, someone would be like "FUN RUN LEGGO!" and we'd all whip out our phones.

We even got Glenn to download it on his iPhone cuz he kept playing it on mine, and he's totally hooked. The last time they were at my place for filming, they couldn't stop playing it when we took breaks!

Chilled at Conrad Hotel on Sunday with Quinnie, Cheryl, Yingpeng, WinEe and Quin's sisters + her friends, one of which was also a Quinnie.

Drank Baileys that YP brought along as we played this game Jing introduced us to, which was quite fun. There's a bear/wolf, a healer and civilians. The bear/wolf kills someone every round, and everyone's supposed to guess who the bear/wolf is.

Jing was the bear one of the rounds, but we all guessed (and eliminated) WinEe instead, and he was trying to prove to us that he wasn't the bear hahaha it was so funny.

He died anyways, and Cheryl snapped a photo of him looking like the epitome of depression, what with his beer bottle in hand, lying on the bed while eating a Snickers bar and all.

Quin brought this game along!

Used to play this all the time with the 1E'06 people when we were all in what, sec 3? We recalled how Deyuan once had a card that said dragon or something, and we refused to let him clear the card.


"And when we entered the realm, there was a flying-"

DY: *looks at us expectantly*

"......no Deyuan, no. There was a flying PENGUIN."


Sigh I really miss the 1E'06 peeps. Tightest class ever hehe all the way.

Bumped into Becca Ten in FC5 on Wednesday.

Ended up going to the FC5 toilet and we stood there talking about random things cuz of the fan inside the toilet. Then we both realised how stupid we were cuz FC5 itself has aircon and it's so cold inside!

We tried to take a picture that sorta resembled this photo we took months back..


Took a trip to the Singapore Art Museum with Palette Productions on Thursday for our site recce.

It was totally amazing. I've always wanted to go check out the museums here in Singapore and when I got to SAM I was so happy.

Would definitely drag people to go there again with me someday so that I can actually take my time to check out the works instead of having to rush about. There are gonna be some new installations coming up soon I think! And I'm really excited for my next visit there.

We also visited the other museum across the road, which was more for kids I guess?

Check out their cute exhibitions:

Hello Acap!

Went to the Thai food place at Far East Plaza after filming to have lunch/dinner and to ask for permission to film and feature the place!

The last time I came here to eat was after the Gatsby Finals and the dancers didn't order the mango sticky rice.. but yay the Palette Production peeps wanted to eat it so we shared it amongst the 8 of us there! T'was so good, but definitely not as good as the cheap one I ate at Krabi when I was there for December sailing camp in sec 3.

I wanna go on some food journey around Singapore someday. Would be good to travel to locations I seldom explore, armed with my baby DSLR in hand no?

Met Geisel after and accompanied her to have her dinner at Shokudo.

Shared the waffle with her and we were so full after. We didn't even finish it.

Headed down to Recognize Studios for recital training, only to strain a muscle while warming up and training for splits.

The flooring was slippery (the studio's bloody cold so when we sweat and full out, the mirrors fog up like cray and the floors become wet from the condensation) and we were training our front splits again as usual.

Then I accidentally tilted my foot a bit too much and the side of my Converse (boy are rubber soles dangerous.. they've caused me to slip and/or fall twice in the same week) caught the damp flooring and tada! I slipped and spent a minute or two rolling on the floor in pain.

Chun came running over as the girls who were beside me all hovered around me trying to help me stretch and she was like, "Dear ah I think you've just pulled your muscle. It's okay, common for dancers. I pulled the exact same muscle before. Later I'll pass you deep heat and all and you go home and rub okay?"

I was like, "NOOOOOOooooOoOoOOOoooo0oO0oo"

Spent the next 2 hours sitting on the floor trying not to move my leg, using only my arms to dance so that I could at least let my arm muscles register the moves sigh. Muscle memory.. mmhmm.

Surprisingly it's totally fine now.. just aches when I sit in certain angles but all's good! I've experienced worse heh heh (like my old toe injury).

And sigh my iPhone...............

Could totally live with the crack though. Makes my phone look kinda cool.

Need to be less careless sigh.

By the way, Irwan sent me this picture and told me it reminded him of my girls' item for the 2012 SDZ Junior Showcase, since we used Rihanna's Birthday Cake song.

"He want dat cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake."

Couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.

My Saturday was well spent :)

Met up with some of the sailors at AMK at night for Now You See Me and dinner. Too bad Yingpeng couldn't join us cuz he was at his LOTR concert thing. Bummer, I miss that bro of mine.

Makes me really thankful for the sailors' Whatsapp group cuz without it I doubt the few of us would be meeting up as often. Miss all the good ol' times.

Sadly I won't be able to officiate the next regatta sighhhh moneyyyy. Quin got a "pay raise" from Jhing though so she now earns $40 from officiating haha while I would still earn $30 or so per day. Hopefully Jhing decides that she needs people for Sunday so that I could go. Really miss spending a whole day out at sea on a boat, pulling up rusty anchors and all (no sarcasm here AT ALL. I actually do miss that feeling)!

Okay, the master of procrastination shall end here and resume her work (which, after a day, she has yet to complete).


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