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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Our showcase for SDZ Camp was aweeeesome!

I see myself jumping around like a monkey at the start........ as usual.

Glad I managed to get the choreography down in 2 days because I haven't had much practice before this.

I'm so envious of everyone that has travelled during the holidays. It's like, everyone went/has been to places like BKK (sigh Shermin Sim's photos of the cafe with all the awesome cakes sighhhh mampos ah aku nak aku nakkkk), Australia.. even Malaysia. Me? I've been stuck in Singapore the whole time.

Really wanna get out badly. Even if it's for 3-4 days it's okay, s'long as I go somewhere.

Glad that the BFF's planning a trip to Batam with me for a weekend! Both of us initially wanted to plan a short trip to BKK but we can't go for too long cuz of her internship during her uni hols and also cuz it's my FYP period, so we figured it would be pointless and she told me I should go with other people instead. :(

On the other hand, The Legency's thinking of planning a grad trip to Korea!

So I guess I'm gonna try saving my internship pay like cray cuz I plan to set aside at least $2k to go to LA for a dance trip with Channie and/or Betts (who is having the time of her life there right now), and now Korea.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ sigh I'm already broke now but thank God for my $7/hr pay cuz I'm only working twice this month but I'll be earning $105! Compared to my job at Kidz Time – measly $5.50/hr pay – this is so much better.

For now I'll just focus on getting better because I've been coughing like nobody's business and of course, my first FYP presentation this Friday.

It's currently 3AM and I'm working on the slides still since I coughed myself awake sigh.

Wish me luck!

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