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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Rise @ MBS

So my relatives and I had a buffet lunch at Rise Restaurant located in Marina Bay Sands.

Heard from my mom later on that it was a birthday lunch to celebrate my grandaunt's birthday!

Can't tell you how terribly blessed I am to have such doting and understanding relatives and family members whom I treasure a lot, even if I don't show it much. My mom tells me stuff here and there (mainly things like my relatives asking about me, so on so forth) and it really warms my heart to know that no matter what, I'll have my family and their support.

Mom and pops.
(And loads of food infront of them)

The desert section!
Apparently I was so engrossed in the main dishes that I didn't bother taking photos of it. Only bothered to take photos of the desert heehee *glutton 4 lyfe*

So much I didn't try due to the fact that I was already full from eating all the meat, fish, etc. Looking back at this photo makes me think of what a pity it was because I absolutely LOVE anything chocolate and there were plenty of chocolatey stuff there.

Mmm chocolate fondue! I LOVE
What is a buffet without chocolate fondue? ;)

Glutton of a brother whose body doesn't show it.

When I took all these back, my mom was telling my grandaunt,
"Aiyoh look at her plate! Quite nice ah the way she puts everything but EVERYTHING IS CHOCOLATE. She LOVES chocolate."

A photo of the bro tucking in to the best desert (the one with the bright red raspberry on top). Would definitely go back to the restaurant just for this desert because that's how good it was!

Such a glutton for chocolate.


Then it started pouring without warning!

Poor staff had to scramble to move tables and chairs away because the rainwater started coming in through this opening that was meant to make way for the structure of the building.

Crazy weather we got here.

She tried to catch the rainwater with her mouth as if they were snowflakes!

Was cute but I had to tell her not to do so cuz the rainwater's dirty hahaha.

Showing me her peacock and Chinese dance. Cutest thing she told me that made me wanna hug her and never let her go:

"Gwendolyn jiejie I wanna become a dancer when I grow up!"

After lunching at MBS we decided to head down to my relative's place at Ion Orchard.

Oh the envy. Really wish I could stay there too :(

Snapped this in the Orchard Residences carpark!

The cars are soooooooo pweety.

In the (very cold) lift.

View of the pool from their balcony!

My babygirls whom I dote on very much.

They were showing me how to play this Japanese toy. Really cute! It's like Cooking Mama but the less advanced, less high-tech version. The whole thing was in Japanese, but apparently they were smart enough to figure the game out.

You have to switch the things from time to time, depending on what you're cooking!

Bbg playing the harmonica. She learnt how to play a song on her own!
Was it happy birthday or something? I forgot. But yes she's so talented. Luv her to bits!

My couz Jonathan came into the room and was like, "Hahaha, this is the media-crazy generation."

Made In Candy!

Ending off with two very badly taken night shots so seeeeeeya!

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