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Monday, November 07, 2011

Be a-tweakin'

Tweaking my blog around a lil'.

What do y'all think of the new banner and all? Still in progress of editing some things. Was thinking the banner was a tad bit odd. Oh now that I've mentioned odd, the link colour still looks odd in my opinion. Sigh I shall always remain The Perfectionist.

In the meantime, here's a video for you to enjoy.

This has to be my absolute favourite choreography right now, and it's by Apes! (April Rodriguez of Essence Ladies - which was founded??? by my inspiration Gigi Torres)

Watch in HD and get blown away by all the dancers from Japan and Poland!

Take note of Akane Miyoshi, the first girl on the left from the first half of the video. SHE'S A BEAST I TELL YOU, A BEAST!

Okay gotta go clean up mah crib right now cuz the ABCDEFG gang's coming over at 2! Can't wait. I hate not seeing them for like a day or two cuz we see each other EVERY SINGLE DAY regardless of whether there's training or not, and we're all so used to it so a day or two gone without seeing each other.. man it kills and makes me miss them so so so much.

Today's gonna be a mugging day which I doubt will be productive cuz with Bazinga, Jevin and Azrul around it's always full of nonsense. But hey who knows?

Can't tell y'all how thankful I am for the fact that they're in my life. The things and shit dancers go through together as, well, dancers.. there's this bond that others won't really get?

100% vetting for Waves 16 in 12 days! 12 frickin' days!!! Massive. Kinda excited but I have this feeling tears will be a-flowin'. Go #teamZulUnk and laoma's item (the items I'm in)! I know we'll do well. And to all the other items too, let's do this!

Well I'm definitely not forgetting all my BFFs and gals from primary-secondary school, duh. I owe them so much and without them my life would definitely be different. Heck, I would've grown up differently. The people in my life are all so real and so, so grounded.

Thankful for all the friends and family members in my life right now <3

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