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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Celebrated Becca's birthday last week!

Shermin and I had to rush to get her a cake, initially wanted to get one from Polar but since our Gen Ed classroom was all the way at T8 and we just came from CASS block (in Singapore Poly our Polar Cafe is all the way at Hilltop Haven a.k.a. up the hill @ CASS) we were too lazy and tired to get our asses up there.. Sorry Becca!

Minz getting da cake ready

Then we forgot the most important thing when it comes to birthday cakes..


"Let's wait for someone with the smoker face to walk past! Then we ask okay?"

Poor Min and I were sitting outside FC5 waiting......
And waiting......................

So many guys with the typical smoker face walked past us but we didn't dare ask them. Boo.......

Thank God my dear bro Ben Bazinga was upstairs at the SDZ clubhouse, called him and asked him to come down and help us light the cake.


Birthday girl <3 p="">

With some of DMC01 <3 p="">

Hahaha Syark looks so pissed.
Or something.

Best thing evarrrr in FC3 (that we packed back to FC5 to eat due to the air-con): BAN MIAN. Yumzzzz

Celebrated Jacob's (Jacobeeeeee) birthday on the same day!

Started out super awkward cuz when we came out from our 'hiding spot' at the back of MPH, the boys came out singing happy birthday in a.. very non-comprehensible way. No one actually understood what they were saying cuz all they were like:


And then everyone in MPH -- tired, worn out, shagged from training -- gave us this ._____. face until the boys started singing happy birthday properly.

We all laughed hard when we saw this photo!

Weird lighting + epic face + (possibly) lethargic face = Lao tikopeh photo


Love them all to bits. My poly and dance life would be so much more mundane without them. Really thankful that I have them in my life.



And that was my October 24th (well duh apart from that I had to attend classes and dance training too).

Okay I don't know what else to type cuz #shamelessShermin's trolling on my screen right now and I'm having IPRA (Introduction to Public Relations and Advertising) class right now and it's pretty interesting so buaibuaixx.

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