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Monday, November 01, 2010

Mike Song


I was so happy when I saw the second one. Ker knows me well enough to know that I LOVE Ellie Goulding and Starry Eyed's my favourite song of hers. So to have it remixed and danced to really made my day.

Speaking of Ker, I finally met up with her today! Aaron, Darren, DY and Alex couldn't make it. Felt kinda bummed out but oh well meeting one is better than meeting none no?

We were both in the nua-ing mood cuz we had very little sleep. Settled for lunch at Hub's food court and Beanie met us for a short while there! Missed her soooooo much! There's nothing more I hate than O's. Okay maybe I hate RETAKING O's more than O's itself. Rips you of your life, seriously.

Bought Koi (FML of all numbers they skipped ours) and had one of our long chats at the fountain in Hub. They're getting ready for Christmas! There were little ornaments that you would usually find on Christmas trees hung up and it was such a pretty sight as compared to what they did last year which is nothing much to be honest.

Oh, I'm finally done with Lit! 3 down, 1 to go! Sadly 1 = 2 cuz I'm retaking combined humanities (History + SS). Dumbest decision ever made. Or at least, the decision to retake Pure Lit was a dumb one.

And oh, NO ONE in Deyi took Pure Lit. There were only 2 people who signed up to take Pure Lit today and one of them was me. It was so awkward cuz when we had to go back in for P.Lit paper 2, there was only two of us in the huge Deyi Sec hall. Creepy at first but I got used to it and I doubt the teachers really bothered to scrutinise our every move for the whole 1.5hrs.

I prayprayPRAY that I passed Math! I won't be greedy and ask for a distinction (because I know that's not possible), but I pray I at least pass! I need to go to school next year I swear. Anyone who says they would enjoy leading my lifestyle of not attending school etc., you couldn't be more wrong.

Can't wait for this Thursday! Dance will be AMAZING. Or at least I hope it'll be! Shall shower (I jogged today all hail the lazy me) and think of what to choreo for Thursday. Hm.....

p.s. I'm craving for chirashizushi now after watching K-On!!

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