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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


HOW ADORABLE IS THIS! Yoogeunnnn ah! I hope you know that you are the luckiest and one of the cutest kid in the world.

I've already settled some Christmas gifts! Buying presents for people who love KPop is like.. the easiest task on Earth I swear.

Okay enough of SHINee.

Perennial's audition would be around 2.30pm-3pm! So if y'all are free please do come down to support us @ Novena Sq 2!

I know I've been advertising a lot, but we all seriously spent a long time practising for teenSupreme so it'll be nice if some of my friends came down to support the love of my life a.k.a the Perennial Dance Crew! We've been meeting almost everyday this week, practising for hours on hand. So yeah, I would really appreciate it if you came down to watch us ;)

We're even doing a bit of SNSD's "Oh!" in our comic relief as a remix, so do look out for us!

Time to get back to choreographing to Shut Up and Drive!

I. Need. Inspiration!

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