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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dance dance, we're falling apart to half time

Drew this shoe for Xuehui as a card for Xuehui!

Yes I know it looks a bit.. lopsided. But hey I was rushing and the photos I Googled for high-top shoes weren't exactly big or clear so whatever.

And in case you were wondering, yes, the star IS supposed to be drawn like that.

Hahaha my Ah-Chan's so cute.

And that was our last HH3 lesson.

The dancers are awesome! ♥

I'll miss the whole Thursdays With Xuehui thing along with (L-R in photo) Fred(?), Yongjun, Jeremy(?), Daryl, Guohui, Suina, Chan Huei, Ashley, Xuehui, Natalie and Inez!

Okay er my dad's supposedly leaving for work now but he's just sitting on the chair and not moving so I'm feeling a bit awkward blogging so near him. I swear, when he took the shoes from the shoe cupboard I could feel him glancing over at the computer screen.


Okay so thanks to this post's title, I now have FOB's "Dance, Dance" on replay on my iTunes. Heh I miss going crazy over FOB's songs and listening to them all day. I still love 'em though. Don't think they're back together yet right? Still disbanded?

But yeah Sublime with Rome and The Dirty Heads are now the bands I likeeee. Nothing will beat FOB though.


Met the dancers today to work on our choreo for the Teens mag competition that we're taking part in, thanks to dearest Na!

Sadly they only allow 5 people per group, be it singing/dancing/singing + dancing, so Kailing's not taking part in it. And oh, my stomach was really weird today though so I got a bit cranky.

Anyway, our choreo so far is fun and surprisingly, we were quite neat in our angles and blocking. Our formations weren't extremely simple either so hurrah to us! Inez and I even decided on the lineup of songs on the train home today.
  1. Ching-A-Ling
  2. Soom
  3. Whip My Hair (LOL). Nez left the choreo for this to me! It's gonna be super reggae I tell you!
  4. This is Why I'm Hot. Old song but good for dissing nonetheless.

Time to get Ah Chan to whip out her DSLR to video our practices. Now I wonder why I never took into consideration the fact that my Sony DSLR has no video recording before purchasing it.

Meeting them again on Wednesday morning (after sending Rae off at the airport at 6am together with Cel) to practice and continue choreographing again! Can't wait for the auditions in December.

Hope we'll rock it ;)

I love how I now have so much time to spend on dance, when a few months ago I could only dance like once a week?

*SCAPE is now officially my second home.

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