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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Day Out - Deepavali @ Little India

Met Rae and Cel after celebrating Joey and Shanai's birthdays at Joey's place (blog post about it later/tomorrow!) and we went walking around Little India.

Rae wanted me to shoot a "romantic shot" of her, with "The background blurred and like, the camera only focuses on me."

After coming out of City Square Mall (and ordering some Fancy Delight eggtarts for ourselves. Yummmm mine's still the double chocolate one!) Settled down at some restaurant-ish place for dinner. Rachel was craving for tandoori chicken so our main objective was to order that.

And Cel's combo that day was cute! Her pinkish-red top and blue bag (which we both bought together except mine's in brown) go together quite well. :P
I'm wearing my old white and red striped shirt from F21!

Shared this with Rae. Yummmm tum tum!

And my favourite! Naan. Sooooo much better and healthier than roti prata.

Tourists that came to check out the food.

Sadly this wasn't the restaurant we ate at (ours was just a simple one), but my point is that all the angmoh tourists like eating at the fancy restaurants like this!

What's the point in that! You don't get the whole 'authentic feel'.

Okay yeah I'm bullshitting.

Then we went inside this Indian temple to take a look. We weren't supposed to initially but we were like, since we were here why not? Surprisingly it wasn't only the Indians and Chinese that were in there -- a lot of angmohs were inside too!

Blah you look at that silly woman. She has a good figure but she keeps complaining how fat she is. Full of nonsense.

(She's in blue, by the way)

Ghee lamps.

Apparently after visiting the temple we decided to walk to Bugis. Used the toilets inside Illuma and I suggested we go all the way up since I've never explored the whole of Illuma before (Wifey Nana always talks about Colo but I've never been there! Grr).

Ended up playing two of the claw cranes there. Heehee.

Rilakuma! Rae gave it and the little milk keychain she's holding in her hands to me.

SO HAPPY. Now I know why people spend like hundreds of dollars on claw cranes! The satisfaction you feel after winning something is like.. whoa.

But of course we didn't spend that much there. Don't be fooled by the three polar bears Cel's holding below:

Because I -- or my itchy hands, to be exact -- saw these stacked up in a way and......

..I knocked the glass curiously.

Apparently they really fell over! Heehee yay me. We felt so bad about it after that though! I went to get a card to play it once, and I ended up catching another bear!

We went to return the 2 that I knocked down, and the dude was giving us this 'are you crazy?' face and told us to just keep it. And when we left he continued giving us the weird face. Hahaha.
See Cel + Rae! Told you they'd prolly give 'em to us!

Those polar bears are our friendship bears now. Haha we're full of style. People have friendship bracelets, we have friendship BEARS.

Beat that! ;)

Pretty babe!

Pretty babe with shiny legs!

Went for Rocher tauhuay after that since we kinda walked in the wrong direction (was headed for the bus stop but we crossed the road, which we shouldn't have).


These customers can vouch for it:

Satisfied customer #1

Satisfied and tired customer #2

Satisfied customers #3 and #4, Rilakuma and Polar!

I have the best mini-adventures with them!

Our plans next are to go to Geylang Serai (for the food, not to see prostitutes please).

And I can't believe they agreed with my crazy plan! I suggested that one day, we carry a backpack with lots of water and our essentials in it and walk aimlessly around Singapore to see where we end up!

Singapore's so small and I noticed how no matter what, all roads are connected. So yeah we're gonna walk around the whole of Singapore one day! Awesomeeee!

Recently swam + baked with them too! Teehee. I miss them both now :( Rae's in camp and won't be back till Tuesday! ACJC why'd you rob us of our bonding time grr. We're gonna send her off at the airport on Wednesday morning since she's going to Shanghai. Then Cel will be going to Japan! So even though my hols are terribly long, we actually don't have much time to spend with each other :(


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