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Monday, November 15, 2010

MFSS Sailing's 10th Anniversary

Went back to Mayflower yesterday for the 10th anniversary celebration!

(Sadly, no photos yet cuz I didn't bring my CamCam since we were sailing. Gotta wait for people to upload something!)

There were quite a few 'ancient seniors' -- those from like the first batch in 2000 and on -- who went back. It was quite amusing cuz when Mrs Sidhu made them introduce themselves we were all "What are you working as?", "Where you working?", "Still studying ah? WHERE?!", especially Nic Wong!

And we went to NSC to sail! They changed the system a lot especially with the new shed to go in one by one to collect your stuff but at least the uncle was pretty nice to help me and Aaron J. with our rudder problem.

Had this serious talk with Aaron J. and Marilyn during the Cat 1 (so we couldn't sail cuz there was a thunderstorm. THE WIND WAS SO GOOD THOUGH I SWEAR!!) and Aaron got so pissed. We were talking about where sailing was headed.. y'know, with the current batch and all. He was so pissed that as a captain, he couldn't do anything to turn the situation around and he was all, "There's no such thing as being slack or not being serious during training. If that's the case get out of the CCA la!"

Well done bro, you deserve to be the male captain of your batch ;)

And now he intends to screw the next batch of juniors by like making PT and training extra hard. I mean c'mon, the juniors now are doing 20 pushups per training?! Which is like 1/3 - 1/4 of what we used to do when Ms Cheng and Mrs Sidhu were around? They're not even running the usual rounds either.

AND they don't even have training during the hols. Which is very :\

So yeah the day was awesome, but not the actual sailing part cuz when cat 1 was over the wind was CRAP. Terribly light. We had 2 races though and Nic Wong came out tops :)

But seeing everyone in the whole 'sailing atmosphere' again was really good. Like, not seeing them normally when we go out or whatever, but like in the whole UV suit getup, geared up to launch boat thing.

Okay fine I don't know how to explain it. Just that seeing everyone again at NSC itself made my day. :)

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