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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dancerzx fer lyyfe

Our weekly "dinner" of Each-A-Cup BBT and tako balls.

At 5.36am I'm hungry as hell now.

The uncle of Each-A-Cup kinda recognises us now! Haha because we always get BBT whenever he's about to do closing.

Yongjun (?) and Guohui.

The unexpected hidden KPop-miss A-SNSD fan and the not-a-KPop-person Guohui!

Jolyn and Daryl

I realise whenever I post photos of the dancers, I always end with a photo of Jolyn smiling like that!

I can't believe it. We've been together for half a year now and it's been AMAZING.

Best decision I ever made. Like what Twinnie assured me, the friends I've come to make from O School are nice and friendly. As a class we all bonded. Who would've known the people I hang out with now are the people I once felt (a bit) intimidated by in Hip Hop 1? (Heehee Inez, Ashley, Jolynnnnn doubt you guys will read this but whutev!)

And they're also some of the sweetest people I know.

I have to admit I miss Grace and Anika sooooo much! They're the first people I met in the extremely crowded HH1 class. Was so awkward entering the studio. I didn't know anyone and it just so happened I ended up introducing myself to a girl who came alone just like me and tada! They ended up being my HH1 kakis.

From the weekly BBT-tako "dinners" (apostrophes because we end class at about 9.45 and sometimes stay back to fool around in the studio) and KPop discussions and just being plain silly during our practice sessions at *SCAPE before class.......

Even though I've only known them for 3-4months maximum (like I said, didn't mix with them in HH1), I feel like I've seriously known them for years!

During the "O" Level period when I totally didn't go out for like a month or so, Thursdays were especially precious to me because that was the only time I was up and about in somewhere that's NOT my house! They made me love Thursdays.


Next week's the last lesson of Xuehui's Hip Hop course!

I can't believe 6 months has passed. Just.. weird. I can't imagine entering the studio only to feel a totally different classroom atmosphere next month onwards.

The good news is that majority of us would be taking the same course after this! Prolly LA Hip Hop or Popping. And the other survivors of HH1 are most likely gonna take Popping! Natalie, Daryl, Guohui..

So hopefully we'll end up as a class again!

Thanks to Natalie's suggestion, we're all gonna catch a movie next Thursday as a class after HH3! Prolly the last time we'll all get to hang out as a class anyways, unless we really end up taking Popping which starts in December. Will post lots of photos definitely!

Planning something for Xuehui too, hope she likes whatever we're gonna do!

Anyone who has really tried to understand my love of dance would know that I've been dreaming of the day I'd join a crew that I could hang out with, dance with and just be myself around since... ever.

I guess I've found them ;)

We may not be good, our moves not clean, not tight, but at least we're enjoying the experience as it comes!

Thanks for taking up my Thursdays, guys. You have no idea how much I looked forward to Thursdays cuz of y'all! Big hugx!

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