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Friday, October 29, 2010

Rain, rain, go away

Attended my cousin's wedding a few days back!

Was amazing seeing my cousins (and my Hongkong cousins) from my mom's side I'll admit. It's been so long! And of course I had to put my made-of-fail Chinese to the test cuz my HK relatives could only speak Canto or Chinese! Language barrier much.

In the car with the act-cool brother of mine.

Charmaine jiejie the pretty bride!

Relatives and friends getting up on stage to get ready for the toast.

Longest (and loudest) toast to the bride and groom I've ever heard. It went on....

and on...

and on......

and on.

Yeah I know I kept taking photos of the flower ornament (my family sat at the table with the bride and groom) but it was pretty and there wasn't anything else to take photos of!

Pretty momszie!

Yummy chicken + crackers we had.

Was so full from all the food that when it came to desert everyone couldn't eat it! So much for "saving stomach space for desert".

Dad and brother digging in.

Yup so that's that!

I'm so relieved that the EMath paper's finally over. To be honest I thought the paper was quite hard and NOTHING like what we did during the previous years. At least I completed both papers (of course I left some parts blank).

If I fail again I wouldn't be able to stomach that fact. Of course I'm hoping I pass at least so that I can get to poly but who would like JUST a pass?

I swear, the Singapore education system is such a pain in the ass. Why, Math? WHY???!

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