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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Want..

It's been so long since I last checked my Blogger account that they made me log in again (which I've not done for months because I'm on my Blogger account every other day).

So anyways, I've not really been online the past few days -- except for Twitter. Thank God for Wireless LAN on cellphones -- and the moment I lay my hands on my laptop I go to Anarchy Street's webpage to check whether their OFF cardigan's sold out.


I've been dying to get this and I don't care about the fact that it costs USD68, excluding shipping fees! It's worth my money! I've been wanting to get it since a month+ ago and I'm still dreaming about the day I lay my hands on this baby.....

I just dropped my momma a hint by saying, "Mommy for my birthday next year you can consider getting me this-" and showing it to her.

Okay fine it wasn't 'dropping a hint'. More like 'making it very direct'.

Thing is, only size L is left. Yes I like wearing baggy stuff but I doubt a size L would fit me very snugly for a cardigan thank you very much.

Searching ebay for it now.


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