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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bad Girl Good Girl

I think I look like a kid in the last photo, and I can't get over that fact. Hahaha but like I said, being 17 this year, I am associated with being MATURED. *tries desperately to look at the last photo with a different perspective*

Oh, I'm quite happy because I lost 2kg over the past week or so. Banzai to healthy eating! I lost my craving for sweets and snacks and it feels good. The only thing left to change is my sleeping habits - I have to start sleeping at around 12.30am max.

Ah. Blame the Channel U show that runs every night at 11.30pm.

Whoever told you eating healthier would benefit you ain't lying. But I also read that losing 2-4 pounds per week is the most ideal and that's the fastest the body go. Losing any more weight than that a week would mean the body's losing water weight, which I know I can gain back very easily because I'm terribly water-logged thanks to my sweet tooth and I bloat from eating anything unhealthy.

Digressing a bit, I'm blogging with Miss A's 'Bad Girl Good Girl' on replay on my iTunes. Inez got me hooked last week. I remember how around 3 people from HH2 thought I was Korean. Ashley was one of them and she said I looked very much like Suzy from Miss A.

Aaaaand.. I totally disagree.

Anywho, Daddykinz just left for Genting earlier today and will only be back on Thursday. I would very much like to be there too, or anywhere but HERE (meaning Singapore).

Gerald and I just had this talk with my parents over dinner about travelling to New York. It was like we were having a mini debate on why we should go to NY before we hit 50.

My brother even sided me. Amazingly, we've gotten very close and I find that I treat him way better than I did before. Now when he does his usual nonsense, it doesn't annoy me, it just entertains me.

I'm guessing that's a good thing.

And oh, my cousin's wedding is coming up -- just one day before my first written paper! My mom told him Gerald and I would be going, and he reserved seats at the VIP table for us so I'm thinking it's pretty mean to back out. I like going to weddings though. Oh well, I'm taking one day off to make a trip down to Sephora to get makeup because my concealer's finishing, funny cuz I don't wear makeup when I go out!

I realise I tend to blog a lot more often now that my exams are approaching. Hm.......

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