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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Miss A

I'm slowly converting back into a crazy KPop fan thanks to my dance friends!

Anyway, Miss A's "Breathe" is currently stuck in my head. Thanks to Inez, I'm turning into their next biggest fan cuz I found out the Min whose dancing inspired me to dance more (my biggest inspirations for dance are BoA, Min and Hyoyeon), the Min I love very much...


-Actually debuted in Miss A!

And I feel really dumb cuz every week after dance I'll stay back at 313@Somerset with my dance friends from HH3 to chat and our main topic's KPop. Last week we talked mainly about Miss A and I complained about how I hate JYP cuz of what he did to Lee Min Young.

Then I asked, "Oh I know this girl who looks exactly like the Miss A girl. The one with short black hair? What's her name?"

"You mean Min ah?"

"Min?? Oh okay... same name as Min Young what the hell."

NOW I FEEL SO STUPID. I thought this Min from Miss A had the same name as Lee Min Young.

Then I heard "Breathe", watched their LIVE performance (this week Min lost a shoe hahaha what a cutiepie!), went to Min's channel on YouTube and when I saw her Channel Comments, which consisted mainly of "MISS A ROCKS!", "Min you're the best dancer of Miss A you'll bring them further" and "Girl I love you on the MV!", my jaw literally dropped.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THE MIN FROM MISS A IS ACTUALLY MIN YOUNG! No wonder when Inez showed me their MVs I kept staring at Min's face wondering why she looked like Min Young. (Also partially cuz I know a girl who looks exactly like her.)

Now I think it's better that she debuted with Miss A. Min debuting as a solo act wouldn't have got her far so yerrrrp! Definitely excited for her and I can't wait for them to come up with more singles.

Khunnie was talking about them on too. Hahah.

p.s. Ashley said that I looked like Suzy when I had my bangs :o

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