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Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Meh. Until now I'm still deciding whether to change my blogskin so that I don't have to use Photobucket to host my photos.

(Speaking of which, I'll post up photos the next post okay? I feel so deprived because my internet time now is very precious. Sigh I lead such a terribly mundane life)

Anyway hi it's 5th OCTOBER, which means my first paper is around 20 days away, and I'm feeling more vexed with each passing day. As much as I fear the fact that there's still a possibility I may fail, I'm kinda looking forward to getting this over and done with.

I've been spending almost every week with Cel and Rae, and I miss them so much now. They spend every Friday-Saturday at my place having a study-sleepover - which involves a lot of water, snacks, drinks and chocolate. Rae happily gives up after 2 in the morning to the comfort of my bed.

Ah. We're gonna be spending a lot of time shopping after their promos/my O's, I swear.

Monica Parales is 'osm'. (Hahaha learnt this abbreviation from my friend from Switzerland. Who says Facebook isn't good huh?)

And I'm very much looking forward to this week's class. I love all the people at HH3 and now that the Mean Girls are gone, class is so much more fun. Then again, half of the HH2 are gone now too, boo..... Especially Elsie and John's clique. They apparently abandoned GH and Darrell to go for lyrical. Wait or was it street jazz? OH I KNOW, IT WAS LYRICAL JAZZ EUHSDIFH.

After HH3 I think the whole of HH3's intending to go for popping then locking. Either that or locking THEN popping, which is gonna be so fun - can you imagine? We've been classmates for more than half a year now! So if we take 1 more course we're gonna be classmates for a grand total of at least 10 months.

Okay I just watched some O School Recital audition footage and MANNNNN, I'm excited to try out for next year's recital if there is one.

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