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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Found some older photos I never got around to editing and uploading.

Anywho, I've gained soooo much weight since I started studying/worrying about my O's.

Can't wait 'till O's are over so that I can spend more time at O School and exercising! I dropped 1.5kg today but knowing my body I can gain it back from just drinking water. I've been losing and gaining weight so easily it's ANNOYING.

See, I've gained so much weight I can't even see my cheekbones now. Can't believe I dropped like 5kg at the start of the year only to maintain it and then suddenly gain it all back. Hate all you people who lose weight cuz of stress. HATE YOUUUU.

I totally gave in on my raw food day. It was supposed to be today!
I keep procrastinating. Ugh!

Oh well, who cares. I'm gon' see my cheekbones after O's.

For now its study, study, study!!

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